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    [RSGP/SWAP]Selling SICK ZERKER PURE[RSGP/SWAP]Look insideYo guys im selling this great zerker of mine, i'm looking for a range tank/a 1 def account (94 magic would be badass) or just plain rsgp. Due to my low post-count i guess alot of people wont trust me, i am willing to go first if your trusted/can show me the rsgp/show that the account actually exist. STATS: It "only" got 79 strength, although it's busting 320s all day.. I've calculated the bank to be 9m+ take that in with your offer. Bank picture: + around 500k junk in bank. Recoveries/Email/Black marks: It has one black mark for offensive language still appealable. It has email and recovs on working on removing atm.. Check it out, i have done all sub quests for rfd only need to kill the boss for b gloves, needs some quest points tho.. Desert treasure is done and so on, you might aswell check it yourself.. It got 115 quest points in total. Happy biddingselling level 84- 77+7 pureBidding starts at 60m and A/W is 175m negotiable. -I'm the Original Owner Recovs etc will be cancelled when I find a serious buyer. -I will not go 1st - Either get a trusted sythe mm or you go 1st. [/] Level 84, In wildy it's level 77+7 The account is fully quested upto adamant gloves. With desert treasure, monkey madness and alot of other quests completed Runescape Gp only please, NO Paypal offers. Realistic offers - [email protected] Ranged Tank- 90+ range- 80+ def Blitz- VoidHello sythe, I'm selling my range tank today. I want RSGP for it. I will be happy to use an OMM or very trusted MM if you would like. Otherwise i will not be going first. I am the original owner and i will provide all of the details on purchase of the account. I do not have an autowin so as of now I'm just taking offers. Please leave me with your in a comment if you would like to learn more or buy the account. If you do not have an please just pm me. Thanks. It does not have much of a bank. It only has 1.5m total (NOT SHOWN IN PICTURES) Pictures------------------- i1131.photobucket/albums/...3/Capture3.png i1131.photobucket/albums/...3/Capture2.png i1131.photobucket/albums/...3/Capture1.png i1131.photobucket/albums/...r3/Capture.pngwhalex's account schop--stakers/main-- very cheapselling these two accounts, if u buy both there is an A/W of for 15m A/W = 10m A/w = 10m all accounts have email and recovery deleted, can use OMM if u pay [email protected]!great starter Zerker 94 mage for [email protected]!this is a very good account i just really want a good pure know. it is level 79 combat.Paypal or RSGP. pwnage zerker must see ( 1 2)Im trying to start a new account so im looking to sell this for rsgp mostly, but possibly real money. he has lunar dip done, dt, most of rfd, basically the quests he needs 2 own (level 98+2) now for some picsselling venged zerker purehad the account for a while and just stopped playing basically, im looking for good offers, and im not willing to go second because i dont wanna get scammed -has vengeance,ancients, rune rfd gloves, and fighter torso picsBewb's account sales! [rsgp]Hey I am going to start selling all of the low lvled accs I have collected over the years for rsgp. Here they are. Post your 's and add [email protected] and post ur offers also acc 1. lvl 73 non mem acc 2. lvl 104 non mem acct 3. lvl 84 non mem MORE COMING SOON!
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