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    lvl88 range tank ((tank like a boss)) RSGP !75 defence 91 range Will only take RSGP do not offer any other forms of payment please contact me via: [email protected] ENJOY and thanks for looking !!! Uploaded with ImageShack.us79 pk pure (( 99str 95 hunter 94 mage 81 rng 75 craft ))RSGPTitle says it all, made TONS of money 200M + with this guy dueling/and pking 60 attk 99 str 81 rng 52 prayer (smite) 94 mage 95 hunter (Big money maker up to 2m/hr @ grenwall's) 75 crafting 82 hp RSGP any questions add me on [email protected] Thanks for looking Uploaded with[paypal] Amazing Ini Pure| Rune Gloves| Firecape| 97 Strength| 100% Quested |Hi, Basically I am quitting this acc, as i would like a range tank with vengeance, however i am not doing swaps.. I have owned this account alone since day 1, and have never botted. I am willing to sell the 139m separate to the account, its your choice. We Will use OMM which fees will be split on. I am also prepared to recov check, but you must pay the fee for this. I have No current AutoWin, just listening to offers. The account has done the main quests; - Desert treasure - Monkey Madness - Got to Rune gloves on RFD - 20 Def COMPLETELY quested Thanks for looking - [email protected][swap] Great Zerker. Must See[swap]Looking to swap my Zerker for a 1 Def pure or Initiate pure. Has Mith gloves so far. MM done. Fremenik Trials done. All Defenders minus Dragon as there is no need for it. Initiate pure must have quested def. 1 Def pure must have MM and DT done. Post here then pm your offers please. We will use a OMM at your expense, Or a very trusted MM~[RSGP/PP] Selling Pure -99Range,90+ Str ~!I'm selling my pure Basically it has 99 Range, and 93 (200k to 94) Strenght. Also the 80 Hunter is worth mentioning i guess. I'll take either RSGP or PayPal, either you go first or an OMM will be used. I got all the info to the account. Quest is nothing special just normal pure quests. Before you add me post here, my is in my Sig ! STATS LOGIN Putting an A/w after a few bids.Selling BEAST lvl 96 Tank! Nice bank, [RSGP]We'll use Offical Middle man. RSGP offers ONLY.[RSGP] Selling lvl 94 99 str zerker w/ Toros! [RSGP]EDIT: Already 1 failed scam. If you say you can't log into Sythe, then give me your 'supposed username' please make sure the fake account of yours is actually offline and not ONLINE. Because that totally defeats what you said beforehand. of the scammer: [email protected] Scammers: I will NOT being going first unless I deem them trust worthy. EDIT: No more torso, everything else is still on the account. 79 att and 75 range now. Rules of Trade: OMM used (You pay fees) You go first I know all the info and will supply it. Email will be deleted before trading. Starting bid: 25m A/W: N/A My ONE and ONLY : [email protected] Post or PM me before adding me. ONLY RSGP! All other offers will be dealt with as spam. Thanks and happy bidding!!![RSGP] Near maxed ZERK [SWAP]
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