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    [Sell]69 combat account [RSGP]Hey, Okay I have an account that I want to sell. It has never been botted with, so all legit stats. Not amazing, stats but yeah. It has level 69 combat. Offer in RSGP, and then we will meet up in like 25 minutes and trade. BUMP![RSGP] 78 Combat. 95 STR ; 99 RANGE ; 99 MAGE [RSGP] [email protected] READ THIS - All of the accounts below that are being sold do not currently have gametime; unless otherwise stated. - None of the accounts have any blackmarks. - Please ask for a PM before doing any trades with me, as this is to eliminate any imposters. - All of the account's have never been banned, unless otherwise stated. - Upon purchasing the account, Creation Details, First Password and PIN details if I have them saved. - As of now, I only accept RSGP or WU as a form of payment. - I will not be going first, unless you have over 50 Vouches. We will be using an OMM by you're request. You'll be paying all the fees. - I know the E-Mail to all of the accounts, so they will be changed to your chosen E-Mail upon purchase due to the fact you cannot remove them with a recover request; with the only way to remove the E-Mail is by waiting 14 days. - You accept to my rules before purchasing the item from me; I will not give any refunds. Wants RSGPBuying 13 Pray Pure offering BIGLooking for 13 pray pure ONLY buying from trusted buyers:- 50-60 Att 70+ Str 1 Def 82+ Mage 13 Pray 82+ Range MUST have addy/mith gloves + DT + avasBuying 1 Def Pure for rsgpHi currently buying a 1 def pure needs to be 1 def and 52 pray please leave comments if you have any which you are selling and ill try to get back to you on them with a offer.Selling pro pure! 71 cb! ( 1 2 3)This is a pure of mine, will be providing info. It has 2 defense, yess. But any maxed pure can have 4 defense without a single cb level. dt done, mm done. Full zammy book. Looking for RSGP but PP is accepted. Leading bid: 25m A/W is 40m!Selling init pure lvl 62 only 5mHello there , im selling my acocunts , cause im bored . I will go first if u are trusted member , or we WILL use an VMM . Add me on [email protected] if any intrestSelling level 74 Pure [Perfect Pk account]My pure im selling. 60 attack, 89 strength, 79 hp, 60 range, 2 defence, 51 prayer, 85 mage, 75 mining, 70 crafting, 50 RC, 41 woodcutting. 1.4mil cash. Good pking account. 15 mil cash or $20 paypal.99str 99range 84cb pure saleYes, im selling 84cb pure with 99str 99range 87mage 91hp 60att 20def 44pray edit: 161questpoints Looking for rsgp/euros offer and see [email protected]
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