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    Level 69 Skiller - 99 Mining + More + Nice NameOk first of all this account is completely free of black marks etc and is in good condition to possibly be a moderator if you were serious about it. I have a email registered to it and don't know how to remove it and quite frankly I cant be bothered to, so once the account is purchased the email will be swapped to yours no questions asked. Also same with the recovery questions, I have set new ones which mean nothing to me and will be changed in 14 days, so you can do whatever you like with them when you buy the account, you can try them etc, if they dont work you can have your money back to prove this isnt a scam. Im not looking to waste peoples time and money here, i just want a quick sale to get enough money for a new stomp pit bike i want to buy. (superstomp 140 if your interested). Ok now to the account, it is primarily a skiller however does have goodish combat stats that are started if you wanted to get the combat up, it has 65 defence as i wanted to wear my third age on it. (note that this account doesnt have much cash). Has a nice username also please message me for more information. The 99 mining is useful as its a nice cape and obviously mining rune it an easy 250k every 30 to 40 minutes depending on how many people are mining rune, also mining gold in the living rock caverns is easy cash, about 100k to 150k an hour, i have also got varrock armour 2 which helps for mining and a few hard quests done. One last thing, please note that it has between 14m and 15m mining xp, im not going to say how much exactly for obvious reasons, if you wish to know a closer number please message me. Payment will be sorted out after purchase, most likely to be through paypal but may change. I am also selling another account 117 cb with 99 wc and cooking 75 rc 93 str 90 fishing etc. I will not go first, but i will give a refund if i were to take it back which i wouldnt, this is not a scam. THIS ACCOUNT ALSO HAS ABOUT 23 DAYS MEMBERSHIP ON IT. Now im only looking FOR £20 i think thats something like $30-$40 but im not sure. (this is a very low price!, bargain) Any questions please ask! PicsSelling chaotic pure with 5 chaotics 1 def 99 str paypal onlySold 170 USD (including 35m~) to bruglione lvl 70 Pure [FIRECAPE][DESERT TREASURE][MORE!]Here's my pure. Worked very hard on it till i had no time to work on it anymore :/ The account has got firecape, mith gloves, desert treasure done etc. Mainly looking for RSGP. will have a recovery test done if needed and a vmm. Bid away NB: All bids under 25m will be auto declined. Pictures: Bid away{CHEAP}Selling 80 Def Range Tank~[99 RANGE][99 Mage] [RSGP]Hey guys Im still trying to sell my awesome Range Tank, I havent had mayn offers, so Ill probably put the A/W at 15m, as Im trying to get claws for my pure Other quests include Lunar Diplomacy, Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf, and all other range tank/pure quests Screenshots: Any bid of 15M WILL take this account Happy bidding!(((((((((((((((((((((94 mage 84 str 73 combat))))))))))))) ( 1 2)offer me for my pure i quit 2 days ago so it needs to go[BUYING] Maxed Chaotic Maul Pure [PP]Looking to buy a maxed chaotic maul pure for cash thru Paypal. The account needs atleast these stats: - 80 Attack - 99 Strength - 1 Defence - 94+ Magic - 90+ Ranged - Any prayer level - Any Hitpoints level - Any Summoning level Items: - Chaotic maul - If it has extra tokens or items like Firecape, RFD gloves etc please show in pictures. NOTE: I also have a maxed (quested) Zerker available for swap if interested. NOTE: Will also do RSGP if I can find a decent gold seller.Failed Pure for sale ( 1 2)Looking paypal. or RSGP.85+6 Zerker With Dt Done 95 MageSelling my zerker with over 1200 stats. This account is a good pking account and is never used. Currently F2P. Looking to trade for a skiller or a pure, but definitely open to any offers.
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