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    Christmas Special! Level 3 Skiller - 99 DungeoneeringSold!Sorry for the incovience but im looking for a nice f2p pker all i have is $15 atmThe Title Says It All,mainly Range pure must have some cash , Please Post Your Offers ! [email protected] skiller lv 22 combat, lv 45 mining!Only RSGP (Runescape Coins) Add me on : [email protected] PureHas zammy book, to lazy to go get back. Accepting swaps and rsgp. User is :Final Demand (sexy), and almost has vet cape. Pm me on if intrersted or post offer hereBuying Any Account? 90$?BUYING ANY RUNESCAPE ACCOUNT FOR 90$+ Must let me on it first,so your legit!Unkiae's Pure Account Shop! Pures/Skillers/&More! ( 1 2)Welcome to my Account Shop! First Off, please know that the accounts with recoveries will have the recoveries given during the trade. I am only looking for PayPal USD or RSGP. I will not go first unless you're trusted. We must use a OMM. I do look at offers, so please, enjoy bidding! : [email protected] Account #1: SOLD! Account #2: 1 Def Pure - 99 Minning - 99 Firemaking - 93 Cooking - Dullist Cap(Tier 6) - 1 Month Membership - Combat 54 RSGP A/W: 35M - PayPal A/W: $25 Current Bid: $20 from Oppticz Account #3: Zerker Pure - FULL Chicken Suit! - Starter - Combat 64 RSGP A/W: 26M - PayPal A/W: $17 Account #4: Main Account - 99 Woodcutting - 96 Minning - Great Account for main - 6 Month Membership - Combat 84 (SALE)RSGP A/W: 16M - PayPal A/W: $13 Any Offers? UPDATE: All for 80M or $55 USDBuying lv3 cb skillerI'm wanting to buy a lv3 cb with a 99 and skill cape on (if in f2p). Maybe a 90+, I'm not looking for something with like 1k total. Just simple. I have 30m to spend, please add me on : [email protected] and post it here before adding me. Also I understand I'm a new member and I just joined today. I can't automatically jump up to 100 vouches with 300 post. I'll have to start at some point so I don't wanna hear "You're only at a couple of posts". Thanks.[PAYPAL [RSGP] [SWAPS] Lvl 54 G Mauler 78 range, 65 str, 13 pray. CHEAP £5!For sale is my low level G Mauler. Autowin is only £5 or 10M RSGP. The account has nice stats for its level, and the bank has about 1 or 2m worth of PKing gear/supplies so you're ready to PK straight away. The account has completed the essential pure quests, such as death plateau for climbing boots, animal magnetism for the ranging backpack and priest in peril so you can keep the 13 prayer if you want. The account is not member and hasn't been for a few months now. Stats: Bank: Login (No email or recoveries): My email is in sig, add to discuss. We can use an OMM if you wish but I won't be paying, Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.