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    [2007 member][PayPal] Selling DDS pure [99 mage][99 agil][DT, MM, LC, fully quested]All quests, skills and total wealth in the screens below. I am the first and only owner, and I have all of the information including the exact account registration date. The only way I'm selling this account is through PayPal. I will not sell to untrusted members. S/B: 100$ A/W: 170$ A few stakes:Buying 70-40-70 staker or simmilar stats!`i have been looking for a staker like this for like ever!!! if u have one please pm me and add me on or :tschockaTrading Zerker Pure For Counter-Strike:SourceI am trading a Zerker Pure with: 61 Attack 92 Strength 45 Defence 73 Range 87 Magic 81 HP 55 Dungoneering, 84 Thieving and 99 Fetching I with important quests done like Lost City, Horror of the Deep, etc It is in Safe zone for Mute and Ban(never been banned or muted) It has like 1m bank =/ Its user name is Claw Rain. I am trading it for a steam account with Counter-Strike:Source on it or you gift me a Counter-Strike:Source (We will use MM but you pay for the expenses) PM me or go on - [email protected] 99 Ranger Tank!![ RSGP ][ Selling 99 RangeR Tank ] [ OFFER BELOW ] [RSGP] Just Leave a Comment with Your Offer , I am Not Looking For A Strict Price But its not Cheap , I Do NOT Pay OMM Fees Thanks[Selling] Level 69 SOL staker!Hey sythe i am selling this beasty Staff of Light staker! Wins about every duel to anyone his level, even def pures. Post your offer, and Find my vouches here sythe/showthread.php?t=1051669~$ellin Maxed Zerker/93 Dung/fully Quested/famous~ ( 1 2)WHATS UP GUYS I AM SELLING MY ZERKER THIS WEEK NOTIBLE ITEMS/CHAOTIC MAUL/RAPIER/KORASI/STREAM/VIGOUR LOOKING FOR OFFERS NOT JOKES 200M RSGP/STARTER IT DOES COME WITH MY YT CHANNEL I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER IF UR INTERESTED POST/INBOX ME UR MSM/MINES [email protected] with 1 prayer, stakerSelling this account for 20m Rsgp or 25$ Paypal. : [email protected] Have done monkey madness, lost city. Account is a MEMBER! for 24 days.[RSGP] 2.5m gp, zerk/starter rune pure/ddserWell i realy dont have any vouches so i guess i can go first, but only to partialy trustable members, no nagative rep people . get back to me, pm me. my is [email protected]
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