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    Selling awsome pure - [email protected] A/W = 25m RSGP Account will be sold to the highest bidder. Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. You go first 3. I will go first only if you have 50+ vouches ( nowdays its nothing ) 4. we do 50/50 screen -Selling Combat lvl 74Pictures Below I am selling this account due to the fact that i got keylogged last week and lost 20m. I DO NOT have PayPal, and am asking for 2-3 months of WoW membership. The recovery Q's were changed du to the keylogger. The account is secure now, with a new pass. PM me for Info or if interested i685.photobucket/albums/v...584/login1.png i685.photobucket/albums/v...n584/Bank1.png i685.photobucket/albums/v...n584/Lvls1.pngSelling Level 83. 94 Mage, 90 Range. Hybrid! 42 DEF**Close please!Range Tank! 90 Range 94 Mage / FIRECAPE TOO! [RSGP]Close had to recover accLevel 81 pure, DT done, 84 dung! ( 1 2)Yes, I lose my rapier :-( but I still have stream/tome, I have around 20k tokens right now. Not much of a bank. Not looking for IRL money. Looking for RSGP! This is one of my first times using sythe, if you do not want to purchase the account could you please give some input as to how I could improve my thread. Thankyou, Fraser. Now 85 Strength! Now 86 Dungeoneering!94 Mage 90 Range, w/FIRECAPE/TORSO. [Quested]Close.Selling awesome f2p pker.Please close this thread.Selling Range tank 93 cb 99 range 99 mage 80 defI'm a selling 93 Combat Range Tank it's 99 range 99 mage 80 defence. It has lunars, ancients, monkey madness , and handcannon. Sorry I'm new to sythe but im trusted on another site much like this one. Add my : [email protected] if you're interested. Bid starts at 40M, sorry I'm not accepting irl cash or swaps.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.