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    [$50 Donor][40+ Vouches] Buying FULLY QUESTED 1 Def Pure with 13 Pray [RSGP]BOUGHT AN ACCOUNT Any further posts will be reported as spamBuying Turmoil purehey. i'm buying a turmoil pure / zerk for $300 as long as u keep a 100m bank on it. i'm also accepting rollbacked people with curses.(rsgp) Hand Cannon/voider For Sale! 81 Range, Hand Cannon, 42 Def, 44 Pray, 73 Cbthis account is great for rushing, good stats, good potential zerker if you dont like voiding, i will also provide the script for my pest control bot after the purchase, willing to go first if you have vouchers, as i dont know how to post pics. asking for 17M rsgp-(RSGP)- LVL 80 PURE 99STR 93 HP 92 RANGE 62 ATACK BEAST 25m+:[email protected] ADD me if your interested, RSGP ONLY, 25m+ TySell Dclaws pure 20def [RSGP]Selling a blitzer dclaws pure Nice F2p and P2p Pker motive for sell: Playing with main ATM Start with 15M autoWIn 40M[RSGP] Selling Maxed Zerker, 4x99 combat stats/almost 5. No turmoil! [RSGP]Pretty much what the title says, selling my zerker account. Spent quite a bit of time on it. Basically this account is a very near maxed Zerker, great for pking. Has most quest done except for slayer helm and barrow gloves, like 40 qp's til B gloves. The account has near been cleaned, and im not gonna be using this much. So i'm tryna sell to fund my new pure. EDIT: the account now has 70 prayer - Can use Piety and Chivalry, have done quests to do so. Autowin - A/w is 150m. I will not go first unless a very trusted member with many vouches, will do 50/50 or use an OMM at your expense/cost. BONUS Currently Ranked in the ClanChat - Obbysarmy, the world 44 Soul War cc. No offences on this account, no mutes or anything. Close to 80 dung for Chaotic. Goodluck and Happy Bidding !Selling zerker 86 cb 94 str quested 19.5mI know I'm new and not trusted, so I'm willing to have a trusted MM with lots of vouches do a recovery test if you want. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN BUYING THE ACCOUNT, PLEASE LEAVE: 1. Your address. 2. An offer of either PAYPAL CASH or RUNESCAPE GOLD. NO ACCOUNT SWAPS PLEASE. 3. What time(s) you're usually on just so I know when to try to contact you. Thanks.{Western Union} 99 Strength 99 MagicI will pay for the OMM, I need money so I'm selling cheap. I will ONLY sell it through western union. Its fully quested, Desert Treasure Monkey Madness ect. ( addy gloves also) Here are the pics, I was recently cleaned so there NO MONEY ON IT. The Zammy Book is completed. Post your below, and How much you will pay for it. I'm taking all offer atm.
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