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    selling 105 cb with 99 prayer and mage along with 80 herb !! [RSGP or PP]hey im selling my second account to my main which has 99 prayer and mage. I'm looking for decent offers so keep in mind 99 pray is easily around 150-200m+ and 80 can cost 70-80m. Silly offers will be ignored. It currently has recoveries and email set up but i will remove once a serious buyer is interested. I will send a document with the purchase containing the original ip, recoveries, previous passwords etc... I do NOT go first, unless to a mod. will happily use an MM but at your cost not mine. I do not care how many vouches you have/i have so dont say i should go first because i am less trusted. START THE OFFERS My is '[email protected]'[RSGP] 76 cmb range tankerLooking for a reasonable offer. Doesn't have much of a bank.[RSGP]60att | 90mage | 83range | DT+MM | Mith's | 1def | 3 letter name[RSGP]Hello everybody Pono here selling another one of my pures... I am the original owner and I have all the information needed on this account. This account is made 100% by hand no botting at all just auto clicked 55-60mage. Noticables: 50rc w/ robes DT done MM done HFD done Mind body quests done Mith gloves 90mage 1def 60att many more... Terms of Service (ToS): -I will not go 1st unless you have 12+ vouches or OMM. -I will be accepting RSGP ONLY! -If you would like to use MM or OMM it will be at your expense. Copy and paste this to offer: Quote: Agree to ToS: : Offer: Willing to vouche (y/n): Now finally time for some pics Quests: Login: Stats: Bank (not worth looking at): Marks: Anyways goodluck and happy bidding any questions feel free to post here or PM me.Selling 2 BEAST Pures [1] 94 magic 91 str 2def Fully Quested!--{GREEN ZONE} [1] Here is the Account 1 , fully quested , addy gloves , every quest done for a pure. This account is a great hybrid i am asking a/w 80-120m. -- {GREEN ZONE!}[2] Account 2 has 25 Def almost 96 STR!! a great start on a zerker pure or anything else a/w 50-90mil ! ORIGINAL NAME ALSO!!![200+ Vouches][50+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 76 Pure | Def 1 | 99 Range & 99 MageSOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.[PAYPAL] R I P's Mini Account Shop [PAYPAL]EDIT: BANK PICTURE HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR THE 105 Hey guys, It's time to let go of some accounts here. I'm just going to keep it short and sweet, if you want to ask questions feel free to post or PM. My is [email protected] but try and contact me on sythe first, please . I'll only accept PAYPAL, no swaps or rspg. I find that including the exact quests that the account has done is a major pain in the vagina so just ask me if you really wish to know. ONWARD> Account 1 - Starter F2p Pure, 54cmb Has absolutely NO infractions WHATSOEVER Has a 3 letter display name, Ptk, and a 4 letter login name, Ordg ( haha ) Has a small amount of wealth, like 200k in items Has been, but is not currently P2P Has not been botted on EVER I am the one and only owner of this account, and therefore will be able to provide all recovery information upon purchase Account 2 - Kinda Sorta Pure, 91+10cmb Has about 12 recorded mute side infractions for website advertising and small things, most have expired Has a gay display AND login name, but in the event that your name is Lukey you might like it Has a small amount of wealth, like 200-300k wealth in mostly P2P items and other junk Obviously has been, but is not currently P2P Has been botted on for hunting The creator and owner of this account. Information will be provided. Account 3 - My Main Guy, 105+ (I think) 10cmb ***All he has wealth wise is in the bank picture below. Everything else in his bank is close to worthless, or quest items*** Pretty much the same as the other two except no infractions whatsoever, has been botted on and I'm the creator etc. Oh and fairly bitching stats if I were able to toot my own horn. And a cool display name, and alright login name. Last Month This Month not included in this photo is his new qp, which is 204. Offer away, you can A/W the last account for $330. Also, when contacting me ask about another set of 'something' that I'm selling, they go well with these accounts and I'm selling them relatively cheap whether you buy the accounts or not. ANDDDDD..........................GO.[ZERKER PURE] FULL VOID l 90 Range l DT/MM DONE! l 99 MAGIC l [Paypal]Hello IM selling this pure today because i have recently quit rs. I would like to sell this amazing zerk pure with 89 str 99 magic 94 hunter and 92 def! It has full void with handcannon and dark bow! Check it out! Dont try to scam me it wont work. We can use mm if you want, I have no intension of scamming but if you want to use it then its at your expense! All information will be provided, but until i have a buyer the recov quesitons will stay on. A/W: $90 S/B: $25 Thank you! -Elysian Dove ALL STATS AND STUFF : Just add me on : brazzaaz or my : [email protected] F2P pure 85 str!Only 5M if you are 50+ vouches and trust worthy I will gladly go first My : [email protected]
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