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    Selling amazing starter tank. 4 99s 87 RC Fully Quested And More!Ill let the pictures speak for themselves. Want to spend more time on my new pure instead. Has around 5m in random items in bank, has old school scarfs and hats and other holiday items, cash stack in pic will be removed. Account is magic based at the moment making it a true tank once the range is trained a little more. Thats about it I make around 650k an hour with death runes on this account as well. Recovs and email can and will be deleted per request. Looking for RSGP, omm can be used at your expense or split the cost. I am the original owner. - [email protected] Highbid=?[RSGP] Zerker | Barrows Gloves | Firecape| FULLY QUESTED | 99 STR | 99 MAGE | [RSGP]**I DO NOT GO FIRST, U PAY FOR MM **[RSGP] selling a maxed chaotic pure with 99 dungoneeringhey guys i want some more money for my main account and i've decided to sell my maxed pure with 99 dungoneering for rsgp. comes with chaotic maul, staff,rapier,stream,and ring of vigour. The membership is good up until july 30th and i will work on deactivitating recoveries/changing over the email address asap. has all of the necesary quests done, dt/addy gloves. also has pretty much all of the requirements if you decide to make it into a turmoil pure. looking to sell by tomorow, highest bid will win.[RSGP] Skiller with 99 Dung, Herb, Thieve [RSGP] ( 1 2)So.. i'm going to make this short and to the point. I am a member of powerbot.. and seeing as the changes that have been happening lately, and corrupt staff, i decided to come here. You can decide to trust me or not. I diced my bank away so i decided to sell this to fund my new pure I'm fine with a recovery check done with a trusted MM or if you have 150+ Vouches All information will be given to recover including the login email's username / password S/B: 50M A/w: 200M (Just An A/w) Contact: [email protected] Vouch From Today: He went first during the 50/50, ask him urself. Quote: Originally Posted by how high ru? vouch for herbeneering sold me his void cannon pure. we did 50/50 Picture: Going out w/ a friend so not gonna be back till later, ADD MY AND LEAVE OFFERS ON THREAD WITH UR [RSGP] Amazing Zerker - | 60 ATK, 45 DEF, 95 STR, 99 MAGE, QUESTED |Selling my zerker for rsgp. I might take swaps if the offer is good but i'm mainly looking for a range tank or 80+ dung account. Important Quests - Monkey Madness, Desert treasure, Fremmy trials, Lunar Diplomacy, Dragon Slayer, RFD (to rune), & alot more! AUTOWIN: 40M : [email protected] Stats Login BlackmarksSelling BEAST Pure $15 |86 Strength / 99 Hunting| Resell for WAY MoreI am ONLY accepting $15 PAYPAL||| Selling BOSS VLS Staker |||Full armor on Staker Gear. (ONLY COMES WITH VLS AND FULL STATIUS) Gear the staker comes with. Stats: VLS and CB LVL: Pretty much sums it up... Selling this great staker.. I have won a lot of money off this account and am now looking to sell it.. The Account has a value of over 50M rsgp.. (untradable items) I'm looking for offers of Paypal or RSGP.. Hollar at me with your offers and leave your .. I will change the email to the buyers email or remove.. Whichever their preference, and I WILL provide all account details from creation date to transaction ID.. Only has had 1 password and no recoveries registered. EVER. Check out my VOUCHS below. You go first or we use a MM, I will consider going first to trusted members.. Leave me your offers..Buying 60 attack turmoil Zerker. CASH.After getting scammed by some kid, I'm trying again. I am looking for a 60 attack turmoil zerker. Needs to be 100% quested with barrows gloves ect. Account should be ready to pk on it. I am only paying cash, bank transfer, or paypal. My is [email protected] Post away
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