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    [rsgp] level 67 range/tank purehey guys i want to sell this account for about 10-12m if possible great account has ava's accumulator and 75 fishing and 44 slayer and great mage level (70 mage) with 45 prayer attk and str are 1 so you can do what you want with it when it is yours there are no recoveries once sold it is yours. leave me a message or a comment if interested or at my Live messenger [email protected] my account, Level 93Hey people!!! I'm here to sell you my maxed mage account. Correction: Level 99*** I'm kinda bored to play Runescape so I'm going to sell one of my account. Took some Screenshots, look at them if interested, looking for at least 50$, only accepting PayPal and RSGP for now. I am not going first unless you have 30 and more vouches that I judge as real vouches or if you are a trusted member. (I know what Fake Vouches are) There is still member days on it, until June 22nd! Add my email or PM me to make your offers. IF the payment is with PayPal, it is in CANADIAN currency. IF the payment is in RSGP, the $-RSGP currency is 0.60$/Mil. i1120.photobucket/albums/...1042/Quest.png i1120.photobucket/albums/...gic_Siinz3.png i1120.photobucket/albums/...gic_Siinz2.png i1120.photobucket/albums/.MagicSinz.png i1120.photobucket/albums/...MagicQuest.png i1120.photobucket/albums/...agic_Siinz.pngbuying unprayered tumoirl pureHey guys im looking to buy a turmoil pure withouth the prayer. Im using paypal. Just post offers below75+5/95 Prayer/Curses/18 Days Membs ( 1 2)Withdrawn.[zerker Pure] 4 Sale Lunar/dt/[paypal/rsgp] ( 1 2)hi guys, i am selling this account, I am tired of pking on this zerk because of all the ******* pjers. So I decided to go further on me main. I accept RSGP and I accept PAYPAL , might quit soon anyways, so I prefer paypal oh and the account has 69 craft and 66 mining already just need some more smith lvl to get korasi's sword AUTOWIN:40 DOLLA enjoy. oh and there is nothing on the bank.[buying] korasibuying korasi pure! is in sig. looking for nature spirit done and 52- pray, 15- def![Bot to 99] CHEAP Pure 64 Mage [PP,RSGP]Cheap pure mage to be worked on, Paypal or RSGP. Taking offers. [email protected] desmond.yfrog/Himg861/sca...=640&ysize=640RSGP 64 combat, 90 range 44 prayerYo Im trading this beast pure, selling it for rsgp cuz im playing main pure more. Uploaded with Offer
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