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    Moved: Selling level 91 veteren account [Holiday items]Hi. I'm selling my account which is level 91 and has been on runescape for around 8 years + It has classic access and also has a tonne of holiday items, dating back to 2004 (yoyo). It has had no offences for 5 years, and that offence has long expired. The stats aren't great, but it would be an easy account to level up. I have no idea what to sell this for, but do not post stupidly low offers or I'll report for spam. The bank is essentially empty, except for a few members items. There is no membership on the account, and there has not been for around 2 years. Add me on if interested. [email protected] Rune Pure Combat 75 Only 10m Rsgphey guys im here today to sell my rune pure. I have been working on it for a while now i want rsgp or paypal. This account would be a great account if someone wanted to have a good head start to maxing an account. Its got 35 qp and 40 def with dragon slayer already done 65 theiving but dt not done yet. It has a email on it but that will be removed when i find a buyer i will not go first to anyone unless they mod+. I am the only owner of this account and i have all the past info of it post offer below and illl pm you on sythe with my . heres some pics AUTO WIN!!!! ONLY 10M[RSGP]Selling a Box/Arm on Staker[73 Cb][1 Pray/Sum][CHEAP]Hello Guys. As the title says, im selling my boxing/armour on staker. Due to its melee build it is optimised for staking and can beat higher levels in boxing stakes or stakes with armour on. Just throw some cash on and start staking! It has membs until 10th May. The only payment i am accepting is rsgp, and this will be sold for a very cheap price. I WILL go first to whom i deem to be trusted members, if otherwise we will do 50/50, use a MM or OMM at your expense or you go first. Pics: - Stats and Wealth. - Login Page Starting Bid - 8m Auto Win - 20m Please note that i will accept lower than the A/W price depending on offers. Good luck bidding!92 Zerk. DoV Done, Veng, B gloves, 45 def, perfect quested!( Email is now gone. Recovery test can be done ) I can post new pictures if needed. I'm looking for RSGP, I do not play this account anymore. I have a maxed tank, so I have no need for this zerker anymore. Account has a nice name, imo. Four letter word. I will sell relatively cheap, because I need cash on my tank to start doing anything.(rsgp) cheap bandos pure 99mage (rsgp) ( 1 2)20M Hi mike here, i want to sell my bandos pure with 99mage because i recently lost my dclaws and dplate in wild from pilers =/ it sucks i know, I am looking for around 20m for this account you can make good money off him with his mining and other skills... so a/u 20M login: stats: blackmarks: is " [email protected] "[PayPal] Account shop Update - A Staker! [Safe]Buy now with no worries of it being recovered! I will keep in constant contact with you, by phone or messenger. I have sold over 8b gold between Sythe and MMOexchange. Please offer in USD only, leave your ! Combat: 94selling zerker 99 str 99 mage 75 atk (d gloves venge barrage ) cheap 100msold.... to webguru for 100m{RSGP/PAYPAL} Selling Low level zerk {95PRAY}{FIRECAPE}I'm selling my zerker pure. has ability to use turmoil as well happy bidding. quest not done though a/w200m
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