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    (rsgp)low lvl zerker account (rsgp)closed[Buying] G Maul Pure ~DT~82+ mage [Buying]Hey everyone this thread is exactly what the title says looking for: G MAUL PURE Must have: -50 atk -80+ str -1 def -82+ mage and DESERT TREASURE completed. you go first or you pay for omm fees. post your offers!![Paypal]selling lvl 97 with 3 99s for $21 [Paypal]Paypal only PM me if your intrested i have proof or you can msg me on aim (maplelion06)Level 64 - 99 Fletching/TheivingHardly any quests done. Priest in Peril/Waterfall are done, and a few others, no main ones. Contact me via at [email protected] RSGP/Paypal/Swaps If buying through paypal, I can leave mills on for $.75/M. A/w: Idk YetBoxer!Hello sythe, im selling all my runescaape account cus i quit i no longer want anything to do with the dumbass game... so this is gonna go at a VERY fair price... [email protected] heres the boxer log in stats wealth i know it has 31 pray... but its still a really good boxing acount, for this reason it wil go cheaper than normal! also i will TAKE OFF THE RECOVERIES AND EMAILBuying Awesomest Of Best Pure $300 ( 1 2 3)I posted stats but i wll also be taking other accs if i like them Stats should be (hope fully i want ) 70- attack 80+ str 94mage 90+range 80+hp addy glovesSelling LvL 68 Whipper , 81 St4, 84 Range, 87 Mage, 70 Att, 5 DefI've got 5 days left members, and quitting this account and playing on my main. Tyras Helm pure! Beast with whip and dds. Autowin 50M. Add me on [email protected] for any details . I do NOT go first. add me for details Wealth : Stats : Login : Quest's: (Mithgloves, Godcape, Zammy prayer book.) My only email is [email protected][PA] Lvl 61 Cmb Range Tank 4 99'S[PA]Selling my lvl 61 range tank 4 99's and 6 skills above 90 It's a great money maker, Amount: $80.00 method for money transfer : Ingame - Value = Million of gp. Paypal - you first playerup - safest Link: playerup/offer/...aker-49166831/ Screenshot:
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Not open for further replies.