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    Selling Amazing Turmoil Zerker (Quested)Hey guys im selling my turmoil zerker so i can buy some stuff irl since i dont have a job. I am willing to go first to TRUSTED people, or we can use an omm with a recovery test, i might pay the fees. The account has recovories set as i dont know how to remove them. But i will provide the recovories and you can verify via omm recovery test. I will also provide all the info for the account, and i will give you my contact details. I am the the original and only owner ever of the account.[RSGP] Zerker WITH 99 STR AND FIRECAPE!Hello guys today i am selling my zerker Which has Fire cape And 99 Strength its an very good account And I think A/W IS 100M. And Starting Bid is 20M. Here's a picture of the Fire cape And Stats: 95 Staker Rapier+clsCombat 95 staker, was using it as a gp farmer staking and selling the gp on but am so bored now and sold my last batch this morning. This is a great account, staking without armour or with armour using corrupt statius to defeat even the dfs vls stakers who think they own the place. Im looking for around $120 but please post any offers you have. The account comes WITH RECOVS, due to jagex changing their system so they can not be removed, only changed. However I have sold numerous accounts recently and have not attempted to recover any of these. So yeah, hit me with an offer if you're interested I need money for a new surfboard! Here are two example stakes. That is the current name, Jagex do not come on this site so don't start making claims. Also some money can be made through the name, as i'm aware most of you will be able to see that it is infact an O and not a zero in the name. You'd be surprised some people do fall for this and look up a main I located at Ge with the same Cmb, Enough from me.RSGP 70 CB - 98 range - 44 prayer - 1defenceYo, Trading this beast pure. Looking for some rsgp, going to lvl melee pure, 900k xp left to 99 Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP and PP] Staker/Boxer cb 92 1 pray 1 summHello guys! Selling my perfect staker w 20 days membership left. Very easy cash by staking and with 80 dung its almost impossible to beat. Willing to take both RSGP and PayPal and as i want legit trades i accept both OMM's and MM's. Stats: Some items: Can add some cash too if you want. Im also willing to get 80 dung if you pay good!Pure ~ cb 69 52 pray 87 range 80 strHi guys! I've been playing on this pure for a few months and now its time for me to move on to a Barrows Pure. That's why im selling this 1 def pure for either RSGP or IRL-cash via PP. Stats: No blackmarks. If you want more pictures or some starting cash please send a PM or an email to [email protected] Made some important pure quests like Lost City etc. Scammers can leave, im keeping high security on this transferselling 69 combat rapier staker!!! ONLY 40m! ( 1 2)Playing my other pure full time so selling this one. I have all info for the account. You wil receive email address and full access to the inbox and secret question to the email so you can 100% recover your self. I'll go first to trusted users! MM can be used at your expense. POST YOUR ! 40M IS STARTING BID!Lvl 60 with 99HP 73 range! 20m wealth!So im accepting w/u and Rsgp only for this account. As u see i havent played for 18 days . Just went on to get the pictures for the sale. Account is over 5 years old. has the veteran cape. so no log in email. The email is registred to unvalidated email so its bulletproof. Account will come with all the previous info. passwords members and creation id etc. NOTE: ALL BIDS AND LEAVE HERE. IL PM U PERSONALY! So here are the pictures: Stats and wealth: Login: . Gl with the bidding. i dont know how much this account is worth but ill see whats the best bid.
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