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    1 defence 91 str 80 range 95 mage 52 pray 52 summon 80 dung - addy glovescomes with firecape n saradomin sword. No chaotic, no tokens. accepting Paypal only, as i wanna quit a/w 35$ im original owner giving all recovery details. ip, creation subscripion details & first 3 passwords + recovery questions15 def 86 str 75 hp 71 dung SELLING VERY CHEAPI love you up and forgot to put pure mode on Idungpro on my gravite pure I'm really sad to part with it, but it's a failure in my eyes now Are the stats I will clean the bank out I will give you the email registered, and recovery questions. We can do recovery test or whatever you want to do. Basically, I just want to be rid of this account as fast as possible. A/W is 20mBuying account with 65-80+ dungHello every body , im buying account with 65-80+ dung , it can be starter pure or zerker with all quests on f2p or p2p . Add here pics with account stats , login ,bank.selling level 88 25 def purefriend gave me his account after dicing all his cash away. pics of it below, my is [email protected] post below if you're interested in buying it, not going first if you would like to know more about it we can talk on not sure what to old recovery's not exactly sure how to get rid of them either if someone could help me with that :S [​IMG] [​IMG]Selling Lvl 63 Ddsing Pker [last Login 557 Days Ago]hello i am only accepting rsgp here is the acc looking for offers please add me [email protected] i will not go first we will use a middle man or a official middle manBuying zerker! 80+ strength {RSGP/paypal}i want to buy a zerker with 80+ strength, fully quested, and ready to go.[RSGP/PP]30 Defence-Quested-Hand Cannon-High Stats[RSGP/PP]Hello, I am Most. Anyways, i realize that i am new to this site and i am not yet "trusted", but i wont go first, as i do not want to lose my account without getting paid. That being said, I'll go first if i deem you as trusted, or we will use an OMM. I'm down for a recovery test as well. As for the account: High stats. Access to dagon'hai. Ancients. Hand cannon. MM done. Rfd to rune gloves. Average construction, with a nice house, lecturn/teleports/glory/combatring. Elemental Workshop II completed. Pretty cool name in my opinion. Membership until 15+ of April. I'll take swaps, if you have a good offer. Looking for a 82 mage/range 70 str 50 attack 13 prayer mauller with dt/mm/addies My is [email protected] - Post here before adding me. I am currently online.Selling Rune Pure with 99 strength and Chaotic Maul [RSGP]Title explains it all, account still has membs for a month Looking at offers of RSGP because I wanna make a range tank : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.