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    selling d bow rusher range pure, low hp high range, 90 range, 35 hp. check out picGood range pure, d bow rusher, can hit double 250s when potted. A/W: 40mil, Happy Bidding. STAT- Uploaded with[RSGP] Buying Range Pureas title says post + pics ALSO LOOKING FOR MEMB accs mainlyBuying range/obby mauler hyrbid. str 60-80 range 80 plus.desired stats 60-70 str, higher than 70 is okay but str cant be higher than range, and range i would perfer 85 or 90 but 80 plus will be good aswell. i will purchase with RSGP and will do account swaps if you like any of my accounts. i can provide 4 vouches if you need, ive been a member of for 3 weeks. have handled 60mil and 5 accounts.selling level 3 with 70 dungeoneeringhere are pics: my is [email protected] I am willing to use a vmm/mm. upon purchasing this account you get the following: login details a .txt file containing info needed to recover the account(willing to do a recovery test only with a vmm)Buying lvl 3 skiller [99 herb., cons., or rc.]I am looking to buy a level 3 skiller with mainly any 99, but virtually those in the topic. If you have one please post a picture of stats, and also tell me if it is member. Rules: 1. Must have never had recoveries or email registered to it. 2. All level 1 combat stats 3. OMM will be used if you have 10- vouches (split fees) 4. Must post a picture of the stats, and tell me membership status. 5. Have all other creation details. I pay Rsgp. If you have 100+ vouches I will pay by mailing cash to you.It'sJimmy Pure Accounts Shop [Donator] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)It'sJimmy's Pure Accounts Shop Current GP to USD Ratio: 1 Million GP = .41/M USD Why buy from me? Code: 1. Cheap. 2. All accounts are made by me. 3. All emails are fake so you don't need to worry. 4. No questions are set on account. 5. Safe as I insure you won't get scam. 6. $5.00 + donator. Account 9 Account 10buyin obby mauleri know im new here, and im looking to build some trust.i can provide a link to my other vouches on a seperate rs forum...anyways, im lookin for a obby mauler with 60+ str, 1-5 attack, and 1 prayer and def. range is ok to, as is mage, but i want it melle based. im willing to pay up to 10m rsgp for a nice acount, pm me or post here with offer! thanks, billybobdeadSelling 10hp mage pure cheap (rsgp)Selling my mage pure for rsgp, reply/pm with offers.
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