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    Buying maxed pure for 107+9 turmoil mainAnything at or under 60 attack with 99 str and 99 range a must and 52 prayer or under and thats about it for this awsome turmoil tank 78 def. sythe/showthread.php?p=8439803#post8439803 thanks, [email protected] maxed zerker [99 HP STR MAGE RANGE] [42 DEF] [RSGP]all quests done, except for spirit of summer and the temple of sennisten. not sure about handcannon i dont know the reqs for that. it does have guth sara and zammy books filled, aswell as barrows gloves, dt, lunars, and all that stuff that comes expected. NO BANK i havent used the account in over 6 months, and i am the original creator of the account. blacked out stats and display name, but if you are interested in them ask in pm. dont get hopes up for dung though. edit: contact me via pm, i will not be posting my private email on a publicly accessable page A/W = 100m or 80m + idungeon pro auth otherwise you go first, or 50/50 if i deem you a trustworthy person. The account doesn't have any recoveries nor a bank pin.(rsgp)(pp) selling gr8 60att zerkHI im selling my 60attack zerker I am bored of training it even hto i only have a few more lvls till veng and i want to sell it to fund getting a d clawer. This account has no wealth really about 50k in items but it does have 99wcing!!!! great for yews. The recoveries were just set4 days ago while i did my monthly switch of them and they cant be taken off for another week and a half. Any questions just ask. I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS U ARE TRUSTED YOUR MUST PAY FOR OMM OR FIND A MM! sb/0 cb/0 aw/40 Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usbuying 30 def pure with temple at senntisten completelooking for a very trusted person i dont care if it does have turmoil i just hate doing all the quests for ancient cursesSelling level 90 rune pure RSGP ( 1 2)Hello. My name is Benny. I've been playing RS as long as I can remember and this was one of my primary accounts. I recently started playing again when wildy came back. I realized that my high level pking skills arent what they used to be. So now I am only playing on my pure,and since I want to level my mage up,I need some RSGP. That's when I decided to sell this one,since I no longer get any pleasure playing on it. Here are some pictures from the account; I am the original owner of this account. And since I am new to sythe,I am more then willing to go first aslong as you are a trusted member with vouches. You pay for a middle man. Only accepting RSGP,PM or add my mail which will be typed below here if you are intrested ! Best regards Benny [email protected] 98 [Cheap] [91 strength/99 woodcutting]Start bid - [10m+] Auto Win - [30m+] IMAGES INFO: 91 Strength (not botted) 99 Woodcutting (not botted) 44 qp 98 Combat WC cape, and Dragon boots in inventory. No recoveries (email will be deleted)Buying Pure Hybrid Pker(must be 1-10 def)Hey, Im looking to buy a pure hybrid pker. Im willing to buy it if it has 1-10 def. The acc. must have 94 mage and DT Completed. The acc REQ. 60-75 atk 80-99 str 94-99 mage 70-99 range 1-10 def 11-52 prayer I will pay with rsgp or paypall. Please leave your offers or pm me. My is: [email protected] Im not looking for an account that you want to sell for 100$ or more...[Online] Live stream pking (maxed zerker and 100% botted) [Online]Hey guys finally set up ********** please watch lol I want atleast more than 10 people watching. **********/Bagellicious **********/Bagellicious **********/Bagellicious **********/Bagellicious
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