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    Selling nature rune grahker [75rc,99wc]Email: [email protected] a/w: 10mSwapping for turmoil starternot all the quest have to be done. i would like it to have atleast 60-70 prayer. and less then 30 def. but i can chat and exceptions can be made. PM me and ill provide u with screen shots of my account. has relativty high skilling stats. 68 quest points. ect. has veng and magiks hand cannon, PM me if u want to do this. or like if i can get a pure with like 82 mage with DT done with 1 DEFENCE. but it has to have atleast some skilling stats. im up for a swap.Selling Lvl 71 Pure With 92 Strength And A Zerker with 99 STR.Hello My name is Tanksta 0wnz, I am New to sythe i've been watching little how things go here, I will sell my 2 accounts for RSGP only or for a turmoil zerker/ And i will be using A OMM ( You Pay Fees) Or a free trusted MM. Ok for the pure, its 60 att 92 str 1 def 70 range 31 pray 60 mage, 71 hp 71 cb has addy gloves, monkey madness. Heres a pic: And for the zerker, Its 76 att 99 str 45 def 73 range 52 pray 85 mage, 83 hp Combat 96. Has the most quests done, Heres a pic: Soo, If you wanna contact me or something write in PM or add me at [email protected], ThanksBuying an account with 5+ 99's!!!!!Tell me your asking price and PM me if you have accounts to sellWow Really?!ok well i just got my 3 accounts stolen from me. cuz i was gonna give my 3 acounts for this other account and well me took them all and logged off of messanger. [email protected] is the guys email tht did it to me. whyfalldown is the guys name dont trust him at all. and im sorry if this is in wrong section i didnt know where to put it. but tht is bulshit.........[Selling]Stater Turmoil Pure|99 skills|Cheap[Paypal]Hello Everyone. I Am Here To Sell My Starter Turmoil Pure. I Am Looking To Sell My Account For A Decent Amount. I Am The Original Owner And All Information Will Be Supplied. I Have Listed This Account On PlayerUp In Case Anyone Who Wishes To Purchase It Wants The Safety Of A Legal Binding Contract. If Not We Can Use A OMM(You pay fines) Or A Trusted MM. I Am Also Willing To Do A Recovery Test If The Buyer Insist on. Account Is Fully Quested Up To The Point Of Doing The Turmoil Quest And A Few Others. Now Lets Get Down To The Goods. [email protected] A/W:40$Selling Starter Chaotic Pure - 88 Dung - Addy Gloves - 400k+ tokensI will start with pictures of the account that i'm selling; The account has adamant gloves, however it still needs DT doing on it. It has no recovs/email, no blackmarks and has some membership left on it. I am still training dung on it, so that will go up over the next few days. Taking rsgp, leave offers below with your .Selling Starter Range Tank | 3 99s | Rigour | Hand Cannon ( 1 2)I will start with the pics of the account; The account has no recovs/Email on it atm. It has got some membership left. There is also 10M Cash and about 10M in items on the account. The defence is quested, it only needs 1-2 more defence quests, then i was going to get 70 defence. Post offers along with your , ty.
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