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    (Buying) Magic pure onlyRemoved since outdated.{[RSGP/PP]} @[email protected] [email protected][email protected] (QUESTED) LOOK!!!!!!!! Highly Maintained {[RSGP/PP]} ( 1 2 3)These accounts ARE :Unbotted Has No bank pins Has No Black Marks. Has Recoveries/Emails- Will remove once i have a buyer/s. Famous in a certain worlds. Can meet in-game for confirmations. Any questions? post them here. Feel free to pm me. ONE: TWO:Buying low level Range PureHello, I'd like to buy a range pure. Specifications: 61+ range no pray no def + if low hp Paying around 4-7M depending on stats. Trade specifics: I will ask for ensurances such as; You to PM your name to me here on so I can verify it is you. You should be aware that I will record when the trade actually happens. This is my first trade and I dont want to mess up so I will be cautious Going first is no problem if I deem you trustworthy enough. (E.A old , activity, vouches and so on)Buying 99 Dung/Mining accountTitle says it all pm to work out a price, I'd really like 99 dung and mining on the same account if possible Other skills are irrelevant really, but if its a good account 135 or something don't worry I'll offer accordingly.[Buying] Ranged pure or high stats, low combatI will buy a Ranged pure or a account with high stats and low combat. Only paying in RsGP(not finished yet) Ultimate Skiling Account!Hi ppl, its me , Rushgidz!. I'm currently working on a account with this features : 1: can cut yews 2: can mine rune 3: can fish swordfish 4: can smith rune 5: maybe ecven 80+1 firemaking. I will make a new thread when the account is done. Someone already intrested? Post here! Only runescape coins. Oh yeah, btw anyone intrested in a cb lvl 22 with 45 mining? Post here too Def Pure [NO RECOVERS OR EMAIL]Accepting Rsgp/account swap, I would really like a new account WITHOUT RECOVERS OR EMAIL. And im willing to use OMM if you would like to reach me send me a Pm on here.Selling lvl 39 range/mage pure. Low HP own 70m wearing defence noobs for BANKSThird Pure Combat:39 AW 5m Looking to sell as I'm going to be playing my main only. Not looking for much. Ive got some really good PK on it. Any questions just ask. I do not have or any of that, I did 5 years ago when i was a kid but grew out of it. Just throw me a pm here on the site and ill try to get back to it in a timely manner. I do have and we can talk on there. Edit: $10 paypal takes it ? 7m rsgp. I prefer the GP
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