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    [RSGP] 65 Granite Maul Pure Dt, mith gloves [RSGP]Selling My granite maul pure, looking for rsgp, Stats: Combat: Items: Login: Pillars: A/w 40m. Willing to go first to trusted members/use trusted/official Mm's. For more info contact: [email protected] lvl 93 zerkerrecovs/e-mail: set, EVERY detail to the char will be given to the buyer. ONLY 93 combat rambo dds specs all day long, VERY easy kills ~120k xp from next str lvl defence and prayer is completely quested. i beleive defence would be 48 if you wanted to get turm want to know a specific stat, feel free to PM me. iso RSGP[RSGP] Maxed 80 atk pure - has rapier/crossbow - 1.9k total level[rsgp]A/W is now 230m!68+8 Summoning 50 Attack Hybrid (62 Summoning)RSGP only. No A/W to start off with. Seeing as I'm fairly new to Sythe and don't have that many vouches I agree to go first to people I deem trustworthy and second to other newcomers. Having said that, I'd much rather you use am MM (which you will have to pay for obviously. Better to be safe than sorry I suppose.) : [email protected] Offer within reason. No spam, please.Selling Rs zerker level 79 ~~80 Dung~~Selling this account post offers...MM of my choice and YOU will pay the fee's.- - Accepting Payment's from only PayPal/WU/Bank Transfer AW: 50m/50$ Current Bid:20mLevel 86, Member's until 5/31, Full Void, etcSelling this account that i've had for a while. Paypal Only. If you want me to screenshot anything else, let me know. The bank isn't that good since a friend stole most of the good stuff off of it : Pictures:Selling My Tank Staker with 79 Hp and Range! [CLICK]Information - No recoveries - Has no bankpin set - No blackmarks on the account! - I will go first to trusted people. Stats
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.