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    [RSGP][PP] Selling level 80 - 99 str 91 mage 85 hp 1 def [PP][RSGP]Hey guys, Devin here.. Selling this pro account I have.. I just don't really seem to sign onto it anymore.. So I figured I'd sell it to someone who'll treat it well. This account is a pro pker. It has amazing potential for a ags pure or even zerk. I will not be going first, we can use an omm you pay fees or you go first. I may consider an mm. Sorry if this bothers you. ----- The account has members, recoveries, and email installed. All will be given in a text file. Along with all the creation details. ----- LEGIT nickname - very very cool. ----- My is : [email protected] - please post before adding me. _______________ Current Offer- AutoWin- idk _______________[15+ vouches] Selling a BEAST Pker [71 cb - 99 Str/ 99 Mage]Hello Father 2h here. I am currently selling this BEAST of a pker, that is 100% my account. I made the account about 3 years ago, and have hand trained it since. This is pretty much my main, but it is about time I parted with it . It also comes with almost a full moth of members! There is currently no A/W set, I am just accepting offers in the form of RSGP or Paypal (Only from people I PERSONALLY deem VERY trustworth ) I will not go for any lowball offers either, I have time to sell! Notable Features: - 99 strength - 99 mage - 1 def ;D - Trimmed/ Untrimmed strength cape - 550+ bounty rogues Uploaded with Uploaded with PM OR POST OFFERS!Selling maxed 20 def with chaotic maul!Hi guys selling my pure as i am bored shitless of it therefore selling it to fund a new account, i am only accepting Rsgp just post a comment or drop me a pm and we can discuss a price. The account has overloads chaotic maul fire cape slayer helm rune gloves and it has a pretty decent name all the good stuff here are some pictures its combat is 93+8. My vouch thread - sythe/showthread.php?p=8938748#post8938748Chaotic maul pure, 1 def! 78 combat!Hey guys here is my chaotic maul pure that i am selling. Im looking for RSGP only! Willing to let this go fairly cheap to trusted members! A/W = 100m A/W for Trusted members = 90m Good Luck Status: Online [/] [/] [/][/] [/] [/] = [email protected] Overpowered Initiate Pure MUST SEE!!!!Allright im bored of this bridder it has f cape 60 rc and it has 99 range 99 magic i am the only owner of this I want to sell it for a other pure with dt 1 defence i have 20 def Dragon hai f cape its awesome add me on for pictures [email protected]>> Lvl 61 F2p Pure, 3M Wealth, 94 Mage [RSGP] ( 1 2)I have all the info, cool name. Post offers here, or hit me up on .Buying a pure!!! :)50-60 Attack (Quested) 70+ Strength 1 Defence Desert Treasure completed Monkey Madness completed No Recovs/Email set[RSGP] Selling Lvl 71 Pure | DT | 99 Mage | 99 ThievingHello sythe, selling my level 71 Pure, I don't play on it anymore that's why i'm selling it, and it has DT done. Will NOT go first unless I feel you're trust worthy. No A/W has been set.
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