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    Dime AGS pure. [85 Combat]Hi Sythe, I've been working on this little guy for awhile now, and the time has come for me to sell it. It's got lots of potential, and can go many different ways (zerker, init pure,barrows pure, etc). All of the pure quests are done except for addy gloves; it currently has mith. I am the original owner and 100% information will be given with the account. I prefer paypal, but I might consider some RSGP offers. Bid away. PIC: DISCLAIMER: I won't go first unless your a mod or something. The wealth will not come with the account unless you pay with paypal. (about 50m wealth on the acc.)[SWAPS] buying a hybrid pure!!!!!!!!!if you have any type of hybrid please pm me i have an amazing offerSell amazing pure/zerker LOOK for RSGP!Hello dear sythe users! I wanna sell my Pure or started zerker ) sell only for RSGP i dont have paypal... Straring price: 50m Contact: : d-j-g-u-i-l-m-x Or email [email protected] now photos: STATS QUEST LOBBYBuying 1 def hybrid pure (swapping for my barrows pure that has rapier) good offer!!!not looking for much just looking for 60 att 1 def 80+ str 80+ range and 94 mage any prayer and any hp and addy or mith gloves, if you have an acc like this please post pics underneath or pm me..... Heres my barrows pure (will be sick if it gets 75 def for dfs) lvl 68 Pure | 3 99'sSelling my Pure. 3 Defence @@ the 99's are: Mage Cooking Fishing It has alot of ghostly robe sets. The expensive items on the account will be taken off unless you will pay extra for. 125k Bronze Arrows. Cannon Robin I am looking for alot of RSGP for this. After sending me the payment you will be sent via Old Passwords First Password IP When the account was created and the email will be changed. I am only looking for RSGP so big bidders only! I will not be going first.[2008, trusted] Looking for a 1def pure [2008, trusted]Paying with rsgp. Post link to the thread of the pure.[RSGP][GURU] 99 STR F2P pker +99 MINING!-sold-buying 1 def pure (paypal/rsgpHi Im lookin for a 1 def pure with dt done and mith or addy gloves 13 pray pure would b nice to buy but ill live i wont go first unless trusted or We use a mm My is [email protected] post offers price and s. I also have a lvl 79 20 def 99 mage acc and a 109+6 b pure for sale if ny1 wants a swap or to buy
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