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    Selling A Awesom Boxer With 99 Fishhey everyone, i am trying to get rid of a boxer i made to get money for my main i am working on turm. i cant seem to upload any pictures for some reason i dont know why, but it just wont let me my labtop is being dumb right now. but my account is cb level 65 and the stats are 66 atk 40 str 70 def 53 hp 81 minning 99 fishing and everything else is 1 but, it has no quest done so you can make it into whatever you want if you choose to work on prayer or leave it how it is. i am looking for rsgp or a swap.. I have been the only account user and i made this account on my own. no recoverys are set.Selling 98 barrows pure 99wc DT/MM/LD(10MIll or pin)Selling this acc i dont plan on anymore I WILL NOT GO FIRST!(Unless trusted or vouches) Post your email down below or send me a pm thanks =) selling for 10mill or a one month membership pinBuying Rune Pure or [email protected][email protected] am looking to buy a rune pure or a zerker. Im not looking to spend a whole lot. Requirements: 60 attk It must be quested defence 94 Mage would be nice MM Completed Post or Pm me with offers you can also add me on Selling Pure with 94 mageThis account doesn't have DT done but has 56 range 60 att 68 str... Has no money but is a very good account with 94 mage no black marks and we will use a middle man. Offer here and I will add you on add me wellovr9000 and I will show you the account over there... Thanks.Selling Level 98+6 30 def Turmoil Pure *Paypal Only*ok this is my first time using sythe im looking for irl cash only paypal just post offers and i guess the safest way to do this would be using an omm! if u would like to discuss offers my is:[email protected] an amazing 65 cb pure desert treasure done! 99 magic and rangeim selling a pure 65cb and desert treasure done 1 def!! im looking for a price of 50-300mill i will also be accepting mail payments with real money only in england or ireland and scotland. please offer a/w 300mill it also has dragon claws on it the account login is not an email also the email above can be changed the 2 passwords and 3x mobile phone informationselling zerker pure level 99 combatHey im selling zerker, Preferable swaps or rsgp , dont mind paypal. I will be not going first you will be going first or either get an omm your paying. im looking for around 60m rsgp for this account, the reason im selling this account is because i dont like zerker pures and i got a level 135 main. is [email protected] s1207.photobucket/albums/... ntit4led.pngMaxed 80 attk zerker, 99 combat [SWAPS]Hey im selling zerker, Preferable swaps or rsgp , dont mind paypal. I will be not going first you will be going first or either get an omm your paying. Looking for good pures, or good mains which are good at hybriding.. I am the orig owner, the email is not mine. I got scammed and they set it. It was around 30 days membership left. It does have recoverys, but i dont know them that why i tryed changing . Stats Login Wealth This account does rape in pvp, It can spec high with dds. It has done lunar so its got veng etc. Got barrage. But hasnt got barrows gloves . Still rapes though. Ive hit 35-35 with dds when i was hybriding. Has got runes in bank and other items like food and pots is [email protected]
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