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    Level 89 Skiller x4 99's including Agility :)So this was my main skilling account. I don't play anymore, lost interest in it. Looking for highest bid, paypal or RSGP. We can use OMM at your expense. Nuffey's Skiller *89 Combat *99 Agility *99 Crafting *99 Cooking *99 Hunter *93 Fishing *87 Wood Cutting *70 Construction *70 Herblore 3 letter name! NO offences! Membership left! I know it's only one picture, but i will add more when the bidding becomes serious. Please no low ballers, looking for a good amount. Will meet you in game if needed.Level 86 Staker for saleHey guys. I played on this account for a while. its an amazing staker because you can both mage and melee on it. It has dt done. It also has full zuriels, full morrigans, and full statius with an almost new vls. Its a fun account that has made me probably 300 mil in the few weeks i staked with it. It was a pure before. Just let me know if your interested by pming me or posting here. good luck[RSGP] ~LewisDot Services~ | Reliable | Trusted | Fast | SafeLewisDot Services Hello, And Welcome To LewisDots Workshop, I'm a constant account trader, and will always have new verities of differnt accounts, from pures, to tanks to zerkers to barrows to mains to skillers, If Your Planning To Scam, Its not going to happen. Thank's. [Account# 1] [Combat 100] [Account# 2] [Combat 78] [Account# 3] [Combat 106+6] [Account# 4] [Combat 98] ; [email protected] ; LewisxHD sythe/showthread.php?t=1233068[PP/RSGP] Selling amazing pure [PP/RSGP]INTRO: I am selling this pure for the simple reason, i dont have enough internet to play games anymore ( yea i know, its driving me insane) so ima sell my pure. **EDIT** Will also accept wow RAF and/or gametime. **EDIT** Recoveries have been deleted. About the account: Its fully quested, up to mith gloves, has the potential to become a turmoil pure/zerker, it also ownsface atm, theres not alot in the bank, most of it is useless, all comes with the account. besides the bank, the stats are pretty good, it was all hand trained, so theres no black marks, has no members, it HAS an email/recovery, they WILL be provided to the buyer (or OMM) and the email will be changed to an email of your choice UPON purchase, due to the amount of scammers. I wont go first, unless i deem you trustworthy enough, and none of this " I have more vouches then you" i dont include free leveling/questing vouches. Pictures: good luck bidding.[rsgp]94 Rng 95/90 Mage 40def 79cmb VENG PKER 85 mining 76 herblore recov test: gabinis3000 : [email protected] we use vmm and if u want recov test so the trade will be legit.[RSGP] Buying Initiate Pure!!!!! [RSGP}Reqs are it must have 20 def quested preferably already have rune gloves and 70+ in combat stats except attack (60). Depending on the acc my offer will altar : [email protected] lvl 85 Zerker Pure!Selling a lvl 85 berzerker pure! Total lvl: 899. Notable skills: 84str, 72mining, 73range. Picture of stats: Holiday items: Bone Brooch, Corncupia. Buy it now price is $15-$20 or highest bidder gets it. If you wish to purchase in rsgp inbox me and we can negotiate a price.Selling two BEASTLY accounts. [99 Strength!]Just so you know,I AM the OWNER of these two accounts. Terms or Conditions! -I will not go first -We will use a trusted MM/OMM(at your fees!) -ONLY add me if you are serious about buying First Pure With FireCape!!! 70 CB SOLD! Second Pure/Main with Chaotic Rapier!!! 98 CB SCAMMED! I will remove EMAIL UPON SALE from SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY! I will provide the recoveries also.
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