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    [Free] runescape pureFree Rs pure, add my [email protected] Cmb Pro Gmauler, [2 99s, 94 Mage, Addy Gloves]Looking for bids [AutoWin= 50M] Only RSGP, no Paypal etc. : [email protected] Account has like 10k cash, but AWESOME money making stats. Quests: Stats: No Recovs:[free] love you stats made in 05, rubber chicken.Gave to zerk with vengeance►►► ▌ ▌ 75 attack 90+ strength 94 magic/range OVERLOADS ▐ ▐ ◄◄◄Selling this AMAZING account, it can still get TURMOIL as it is only 40 defence! Few things to note: - overloads (91 herblore + spicy stew) - 90+ magic range strength - Dragon gloves - FIRE cape! Pictures:***Trading Great Berserker Pure w/ 20M!***I dont play in members anymore, but I still like to F2P PvP. Therefore I would like a F2P PvP Pure. I really want it to have 1 defense and either 99 Range or Strength. If it doesnt have 99, it should be close or have 85+ of each, but let me know what you have. Most of the 20M on my account comes from dragon claws, which are stuck in members only (and I dont play members anymore- so its a waste of 18.6M.) For some reason I am having difficulties uploading the pictures of my account, but I can email them to you if you are interested. Just to give you an idea: 75 Attack 88 Strength 45 Defense 75 Range 82 Magic 52 Prayer Quests done: Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure, Fremenik Trials, Death Plateau, and many more... Send me a PM or reply if interested.[Selling Sick Low Defence Pure]~ 93 Strength 99 Ms1223.photobucket/albums/ s1223.photobucket/albums/...membership.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/...=fishingxp.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/...ent=Combat.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/...centaccout.jpg Add me on :R4ing3r[Rsgp] Buying Pure [Rsgp]Stats i am looking for Attack 40-60 Strength 85+ def 1 (must have) Range 85+ Magic 85+ prayer doesn't matter Would like it to be some what quested No emails, or recoverys (will not buy it have) post your offers and below.WTB Pure RsgpHey guys im looking for a pureaccount im willing to pay up to 45mill rsgp. Most beable to pass recovery test and you pay for omm or find a good mm im looking for 50att or more 80str or more 1def ill take 2 or 3 but value will decrease prayer doesnt matter to me 80+range and 94mage quest must be monkey madness dt and lost city and have at least mithril gloves post offers below.
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