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    Level 71 Staker! For SALENo autowin, please start the bids! I will go first to those who I feel are trusted. Others will have to pay for an OMM or MM.Best runescape clans PLEASE VIEW TO check out my,878,59386028[RSGP] Selling level 66 Pure [RSGP]Stats: Recoves: Offenses: We'll be using a VMM/OMM. Split fees. If no MM, you go first. That simple. Starting Bid: 1m Current Bid: 30M AUTOWIN: 40m(Just an autowin.)99 Atk 99 Str 99 Range 99 Mage ( 1 2)SELLING MASTER PKER / MASTER STAKER Starting Bid:15m or 15$ A/W:210m or 200$ Trade Methods 1. will go 1st if u are a trusted sythe member 2. will use OMM 3.50/50(depends) 4. you will go 1st IF INTERESTED POST OR ADD MY [email protected][RSGP]selling a lvl 75 1 def 1 pray 60 atk 99 str 94 hp[RSGP]hey guys im selling my very good staker that can also be a very good clean pker, I made over 700m on this account but I transfered it to my main before I pull something stupid and go all in and lose it all and I want to get rid of this account so I wont be tempted to stake on it again. A/W 80m This account has no recoveries or email, I will not accept swaps or paypal. RSGP only I will not go first I will do 50/50 with people that are a bit trusted other than that you must go first or we can use a very trusted MM or OMM you pay fee's. stats: login:60 Atk 99 Str 99 Range Pker/staker!!!??SELLING OWNAGE INITIATE PURE!!! / STAKER!!!! STARTING BID: 10$ OR 10M A/W: 60$ OR 60M TRADING METHODS: #1. WILL GO 1ST TO HIGHLY TRUSTED SYTHE MEMBERS #2. USING OMM #3. 50.50 (DEPENDS) #4. YOU 1ST IF INTERESTED ADD MY [email protected][60+ Vouches][Cheap] Great Pker|||3x99s||| [Reliable]A/W 75$[Paypal] for it if you want additional gold I will charge .80 cents per mill I am the original owner, lost city monkey madness, some rfd , and dragon slayerSelling Mage/range pureSelling account with 72 range, 92 magic, 42 def, 45 str and 50 att. Full void, No gold on it. Non member Would prefer to trade it for rs gold , But money will be fine if so.
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