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    Selling Tanker for a pure with DT done!I`m willing to switch my tanker for any kind of pure. I`t doesn`t have to be a `pro` pure, but have atleast done quests like DT and stuff. The tanker`s stats are: 87 ranged 50 defence 44 prayer 75 hp And combat level is 79.0 My ONLY Messenger is: [email protected] Prod | 76 Cb, Cmaul, Cstaff, StreamPAYPAL GIFT ONLY - AUTOWIN $30 if anyone can show me how to take recovs off i will, its changed since i last sold and account here (years ago) MM if you pay fees.[320+ VOUCHES] Beast Rapier Staker [1 Pray][1Summ] [Buy From Trusted!][WU/Paypal/RSGPREAD THE WHOLE THREAD THANKS! Hey everyone i'd like to make a seperate Thread for this staker pure that i have here. I'd like to state i've sold 75+ Good accounts on sythe with 0 Complaints! Don't buy an acc from some one who has no credibility or it will get recovered in a week. Regardless of the price. This account is a Rapier Staker has 1 Prayer and 1 Summoning, i can vouch that this account is combat level 90 and has LEGITLY beaten level 138s in rapier fights in where they have x4'd me MULTIPLE TIMES. This account will NOT be sold cheap. For the reasons that when you purchase it, you have a 100% guarantee it will never be recovered because i am the original owner. If i take RS gold it will be .5/M. Don't low ball me i will no respond. No Swaps. Alright well enough talking lets get to the pictures! Current highest acceptable offer - ??[RSGP] Selling nice Rune Pure 99 magic Firecape, Lunar, Desert treasure,level 85.5!!!Yep im selling my Pride and Joy Anyways straight to the point il be selling this account for rsgp only no swaps. I will only be trading with trusted people with a set amount of vouchs that i will keep in mind. Quest done like lunar diplomacy= lunar spell book Desert treasure = ancient spell book. My [email protected] Pictures as follow: THE ACCOUNT COMES WITH NO MONEY WHAT SO EVER I CAN LEAVE SLAYER HELM ON 4 YOU THO Stats and House PLEASE NOTE HES 88 STR NOW Login Extra pic FIRECAPE Vouchs: Quote: Originally Posted by C R Y P T I C Vouch to b 4 r 4 g 3 z thought he was a scammer at first,but he went first and trade went wel,thx $$$ etc.. will be reported for postcount spam thx!Dragon Rusher pure ( 1 2)Hey guys i recently decided to quit runescape and decided to sell my account. I manly only pked on him i did do Desert treasure and monkey madness on him and got addy gloves from rfd also i have the zammy unholy book from Horror from the deep. I will remove Email, Pin and Recoverys when i find a buyer. I have all original info from when i made account in 2008 and all the info will be supplied. Anyways Pictures speak louder then words. Auto win-200$ Uploaded with Uploaded with If interested please post an offer or email it to me at [email protected] Also if any one want i got an [email protected] a legit pure with a 99( no scammers) Trusted peopleCurrently Buying pures , look for tanks or 99 str pure wit dt done or veng... No time for scammers so if you selling one pm me now and musthave all details to acc Also have to be willing to use a omm or you go first... Thanks, pm me now in inboxSelling BEAST Rune Turmoiler 99 strHey guys im selling my rune turmoiler since im quitting cause of moving houses. Quests: Stats: Turmoil Proof: Not Taking RSGP hence why im selling my account. Leave your and offer below if i like it ill add you to talk further. Stupid offers will be ignored And no i will not go first, Feel free to hire a OMM.Selling Level 60 Pure!Level 60! I accidently got 6+ defense while using the G2H as i didn't know how to use it, and also lost it short after getting it! Turn it in to what you want ! Taking the best LEGIT offer!
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