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    great zerker!--99 str-3x99s---cb 97--venge//////Selling Pure {CHEAP}I'm done with this game, after my main I bought 5 years ago was somehow recovered. Anyway, here is my pure. This account has always been mine. Stats/Items: Recovs, e.t.c: Blackmarks: All info will be given. I know it has recovs, but I cbf getting rid of them. I am really not too bothered about even selling this, but I thought I'd put it up and maybe get enough in my paypal to buy a case for my new phone on So take it or leave it. Once payment is confirmed, I will confirm any email changes e.t.c. A/W is 20$. Post here with your .50 Attack || 99 Mage || 99 Fishing || 90 Strength || Arcane Stream || 3 Number NameStarting Bid: 50m RSGP Leading Bidder: $50 or 80m RSGP *This account has no offences, recoveries, or registered email. *Either you go first or we use a Middle Man. *Check my leveling service thread (in my signature) for vouches. *Account has Arcane Stream Necklace You can contact me by either posting on this thread, Messaging me on Sythe, or adding my : [email protected][Paypal]~~~91 range, 94 mage, 99 wc, Full Void!~~~Yes the money will stay on the account. Any questions pm me.[rsgp] Maxed zerker with torso firecape b gloves, for claws or ags! CHEAPP!!! QUICK!Hey guys, today im selling this account for rsgp CHEAP AS love you BUY IT QUICK!! A/W: Claws or AGS!! Please add me on ! [email protected] 96cb staker! Pray 1 [This account sucks tbh]This account sucks tbh so I am not looking much! We'll use MM in this trade! Looking for RSGP. I've won about ~50m and lost ~300m while staking... No recoveries, no email, has 5 day membership Bank: 0Level 95 zerker-99 range, 94 mage, 96 str, 46 def, lunar+ancients, void-handcannonUploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with This account is great for pking and is a nearly maxed out 44 prayer zerker. Accepting RSGP, offers? Current highest bid=25M rsgp.Dutch_god [Paypal,rsgp,mail,...]Hi and welcome to my acc shop, all accounts are pkers/stakers,mains. All the accounts are almost cleaned if you want to be rich buy some gp from trusted gp sellers then. I'm accepting Bank Transfer,RSGP,Mail,Meet IRl, PAYPAL( I live in Belgium) I'd like to use OMM in every single trade. I'm not going first. : [email protected] I don't have autowins for any accounts so just offer. account #1: lvl 138 main! 96 herb = overloads! 96sum = yack! 272 qp! account #2: lvl 134 awesome main 2080 total! 240qp account #3: lvl 113 barrows pure! account #4: lvl 81 perfect pker!! account #5: perfect staking acc/pking, 94mage, 90 mining! account #6: perfect lvl 94 rune pure, rune gloves, 99str! 93mage!
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