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    Selling Beautiful P2P 60 att pure ( 1 2)Looking to sell my P2P pure for best offer! I only accept paypal from highly trusted members but I will take RSGP as a .35c/M offer. I am the only owner of this account I WILL go first if you are clearly more trusted then I am. I am willing to use a trust MM (such as N4no) or we can split fees for a OMM. Notable things on the account: 1. Has a unique double spaced name, I can promise you won't be disappointed. 2. Addy RFD gloves 3. DT completed 4. Level 78 combat Now for some pictures! If you have any questions regarding the account or the trading process feel free to pm me or post!Selling Level 69 1 def pure offer rsgp/paypal - pictures img696/6...0919154815.png img839/6...0919154745.png < Stats < idk WU. Acc #1 - 111+12 Maxed 80 Att Barrow Pure With Turm & 102 Dung [Rigour+Augury + ALL Chaotics Notes:- -Has 99 Summon Banked. -Has 250k Tokens for an extra chaotic -Rigour + Augury Prayers are UNLOCKED & ALL Chaotics. -Amazing Pker -Has every tele in POH - 1k Overloads + 500 extreme set. If You Are Interested In Any Of The Accounts Above Please:- - Add Me On = [email protected] - Pm Me Here on Sythe - Post you offer here(swap,pay pal, or rsgp) lvl 90 skiller 6 99's ( 1 2 3)i am selling a level 90 account it gas decent combat stats but has 6 99s.2 of the 99s are hard and take a long time to get.i am wanting a good bit for this account as of the 99s it has and took a long time to train... I accept: account swap pay pal or runescape money I WILL NOT GO FIRST AT ALL IF YOU WANT TO USE AN OMM U WILL HAVE TO PAY THE FEES OR WE WILL SPLIT88 CM zaker (quested) ( 1 2)selling my 88 CM zaker as im bored off RS and there some games on steam id like to get. the account has scroll of cleansing and Herbicide. i am the only owner off the account and have all recovery info. im looking for offer (no noob offer plz). i have never set recoverys too the account tho i have set a email just so i had abit more bank room tho that will be changed over to the buys when the account is sold. i have not played one the account for about 2 months now and only logged off to take screenshots off bank and stats. all skill blocked out are under 40 PM me or leave offers here. DO NOT ADD ME WITH OUT POSTING YOUR EMAIL HERE !ST OR YOU WILL NOT BE ADDED add me to on [email protected] LvL 62 (6 99's!)yeah guys i just started playing again, just selling some love you accs for some RSGP for my main. LOGIN: Skills: Just leave ya below and ill add ya, cheers[rsgp-30ma/w] 94 Magic,45 Def,95 Fishing,dt,mm,gloves [cheap][check This Out]UPDATED: ACCOUNT SOLDBuying Range Pure // RSGPLooking to purchase a Range pure account, with atleast 1 99 stat. Character can have other combat stats, not a big deal. Paying with only RSGP, and a MM/OMM can be used at your expense, unless you have many vouches and are widely trusted. Please contact me with details by either posting here, or at [email protected] Thank you.
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