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    Selling Almost Maxed ZerkerIm Looking For Either RSGP Account With Chaotic Rapier Account With Turmoil Or Paypal Contact Me; ; Watzdadeal Pm Me For My !selling low lvl 20 def pure quested a bitIm looking for a runescape cash payment for this acc its completed monkey madness and lost city so dds and d scim o.0 no black marks, no bank pin, no email registered stats: no email so no recovery: bank and cash etc: looking for trusted people, rs cash only to my main if interested add me on [email protected] 1 defence pure.Open to all kinds of pures but must have at least mith gloves and dt done or other noticeable items/quests. Stats are less important then quests.-RSGP- 99 Strength 99 MagicI will ONLY sell it for RSGP I had no luck sell it through western union so i'm trying RSGP Its fully quested, Desert Treasure Monkey Madness ect. ( addy gloves also) The Zammy Book is completed. Does have a FIRE CAPE. Post your below, and How much you will pay for it. I'm taking all offer atm. Autowin: 100m My : [email protected] I will only go first to trusted people or we can use a MM Quote: Originally Posted by Lilsoufside Vouch for Me. Sold me a 1 month for $6, I went first, smooth trade XD Quote: Originally Posted by bzzbzz Vouche for Me, sold him 70k bronze arrows for $2 (he went first) Thanks man ^^ Quote: Originally Posted by Merv Vouch for Me, Sold 20k Arrows, Trade Went Great, Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by jevon001 Vouch for Me, give me 25M first, ask me to do a fire cape for him, very nice person Quote: Originally Posted by mrhairy Sold 50M for $35 I went frist, Smooth trade![Cheap RSGP] Rune Pure (94 Str,87 Range,44 Pray) [Cheap RSGP] or [PayPal]Stats/Levels: flickr/photos/[email protected]/5641036591 Combat Lvl: flickr/photos/[email protected]/5641039683selling lvl 66 puree very goood @ Cheap @@@@@@@selling my pure level 66 combat 94mage 91range 83strenght 60attack 13pray 99hunt 99fletch has 54m hunter xp rank 130 in world i dont no how to do photos on this if you wanna see photos add me on [email protected] Starting bid: 80.00 AUD Im also accepting 12mnth xbox live card for the account witch is only 70 dollars audspending 25m rsgp on any acc if i like ( 1 2 3)post ur acc's below...selling great pure/skiller in one! 20/99/2, 7 99's![RSGP]So im selling this incredible pure, that you could basically turn into almost anything you wanted to. Please note, its also 96 con so not far from 99 and 83 dung. it has a chaotic staff and a frost book, and its capes otherwise its empty. A/W is set at 150m ( after consultation ) , please leave serious bid's only. I'm taking RSGP for this account, nothing else. if you do want to purchase it, you will have to go first, or an OMM will be used, you pay fee's of corse. :) add me on to discuss if you want, [email protected] Current bid is at: 110m
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