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    [PAYPAL] Account Store - Main/Pures/Skillers [PAYPAL].: Account Store :. Currently, I ONLY take Paypal Any question? Hit me up on . Autowin can be discussed in chat : [email protected] I have accumulated all of these accounts myself over the past five years playing Runescape. Now at University and have since given up this game. Looking to make some money for an upcoming holiday so bid away -Account One- -Account Two- -Account Three- -Account Four- -Account Five- More accounts shall be added as i remember them. Feel free to bump or add me on to discuss.Selling Level 66 Dds Purelvl 66 dds pure 60 attack 75 strength 2 def 72 range 43 prayer 82 mage 67 hp 99 woodcutting desert treasure is done!! leave offers below. [email protected] if u wanna talk privatelyCHEAP Beast Pure|99mage/range|99RC/Construct|10 90+ Skils|160m|Legit 800$+ traded|: [email protected] Current highest Bid: 115$ raf1u It does not get much better than this. Selling a pure that is undoubtedly good at everything. Beast account for money making, pking, and skilling. Who knew all three can be in one account. Selling because of college. Tuition bullshit and because runescape would intervene in my studies. Account highlights- Void Pure 99 runecrafting 99 construction 99 mage 99 range 93 strength 93 hp 99 agility 99 cooking 93 mining 92 woodcutting House valued at 100m gp 1850+ total level Includes items valued at 160m. Items such as Santa hat and d pik axe. Note: I recently pked d claws with this beast mode account. I will throw those in too. Scammers GTFO. Looking for 200$ PP or WU.Selling pures 3m ea! Last chance!! Great deals!!(rsgp) 5 Pures Sale!! So Cheap! (rsgp) I'm selling 5 pretty good accounts. All of these accounts have no email registered, no bank pins, no recoveries ect.. I ONLY take RSGP and plan on selling most if not all of them today!! I'm pretty much taking any reasonable offers because i just want to get rid of them. I have no idea how to put screenshots on here but if you email me or are interested in any of these accounts i will send pics of the stats and page that says no recoveries. A/W-6m The second account is a range tank his stats are: (has bank pin will tell after purchase) Combat level: 61 Hitpoints level:64 Range level: 72 Attack level: 41 Strength level: 60 Defence level: 40 Magic level: 50 Cooking level: 59 Mining level: 46 A/W-6m The third account I'm selling is a dds pure lost city and MM done! Combat level: 59 Hitpoints level: 63 Attack level: 62 Strength level: 71 Defence level: 2 Runecraft level: 56 Woodcutting level: 70 Crafting level: 55 A/w-6m The fourth account I'm selling is a Fisherman! Combat level: 51 Hitpoints level: 46 Attack level: 41 Strength level: 40 Defence level: 40 Fishing level: 89 A/w-6m The fifth account I'm selling is a rune pure! Combat level: 74 Hitpoints level: 65 Attack level: 57 Strength level: 74 Defence level: 40 Prayer level: 45 Runecrafting level: 67 Fishing level: 72 Magic level:53 Woodcutting level: 66 Mining level: 58 A/W-6m The sixth and final account is a dds pure as well. (lost city done!) Combat level: 65 Hitpoints level: 63 Attack level: 60 Strength level: 77 Defence level: 6 Range level: 72 Magic level: 52 Prayer level: 32 Hunting level: 73 Thieving level: 53 If you offer near or above the a/w ill sell u the account. I really want to get rid of these accounts to get vouches and a good rep so these prices are very negotiateable. Don't know if that's a word but whatever! Post you offers below and leave your email or !! If you have any questions email me at [email protected] Edit/Delete MessageSelling Lvl 92-Main-Skill Level 1208Asking Price 150USD :crabbag3 :[email protected] F2P Pure 82 STR 1 DEF 50 In ALL F2P Non-CB NO RECOVS/EMAIL ( 1 2 3)NOW ACCEPTING PAYPAL Selling f2p pure. It's 100% legitly trained, I'm the original owner, I've killed TONS of people in f2p old pk, bh, pvp, and a fair amount in new pk. *Already leveled to 50 dg so could become a chaotic pure *All non-defence giving f2p quests done and elvrag's head ready to complete dragon slayer if buyer decides to get defence *Explorer's ring 3 *50 in all non-cb stats (excluding runecrafting) so ready for most p2p pure quests *Never botted, Green Zone in offenses, No Recoveries, No Pin, No Email Taking offers. If you want more info or wish to make an offer just post, pm, or message me on . Note that 1.2m has been removed. Thanks. Pics: LOGIN: BANK: STATS: QUESTS: COMBAT LEVEL: OFFENCE HISTORY:[RSGP]~~~Sellin Great D Clawer with 87str,31pra,85mage ancientz, 76CMB~~~[RSGP]Hi, i'm selling my beast initiate pure just because I lost alot of money on my main. Ive made the account myself, no botting and mostly trained at experiments. Pics will tell you the rest. Stats! No Recoveries! Quests! Also serious buyers only please. :-Online: Im trusted so don't be SHY Im willing to start the bid at 10 mil. Thx for looking!Lvl 64(+2) with 60 attackStats: Quests: Monkey Madness, Lost City, Roving Elves, Tree Gnome Village, The Grand Tree, Waterfall Quest, Dwarf Cannon, Wolf's Whistle. (and obviously any required quests for those) without items/money, 0 blackmarks, with about 1 month of membership make an offer
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