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    [RSGP] Selling Level 50 DT, MM and Mith Gloves.Hello all, I have this perfect little starter pure for sale, I was going to use it as my own but decided to just stick with my main. It is 50 combat, It HAS completed DT, MM & Has mith gloves, It has the req for addy also, (48 agility 65 cooking) It just needs the gree grees which takes 10minutes. It has ghostly sets, mage arena don. I'm only looking for RSGP, Don't give me any lowball offers. Gp is 0.45 p/m, You will get all infomation such as adress, first transation details, recovs change the email etc. PM me or post.Buying a Void handcannon pkerHey guys im currently buying a Handcannon pker. Current Budget: 85m I go first will trusted people or we use MMo. Need to be low level under 59Selling Four 55-60 Cb Veterans 10$ Each!Pm Me Apker Add [email protected] character with 2k+ zeals:Need to be trustedAccount with all stats 1 except i'd allow defence. Leave offers here.SWAP obby mauler for1000 myfreecams pointsTitle say all (67 strength) : [email protected] Please be fast im hurry lol WILL ACCEPT FOR 400 points!!!Selling Level 54 with 99 magic. ( 1 2)Hi guys i know im new here but im not here to love you about i am selling my accounts for RSGP or moneybookers only. WE WILL USE A WITH ALL MY TRADES! Open for bids.The 2 million or less RSGP Store!Hi. Welcome to my account shop. Accounts are added frequently. Some of these are old accounts, the other's are botted to sell. All of the accounts are no more than 2M RSGP, some are lower though. Account 1: SOLD. Account 2: A level 17 with 40 Defence. Great staker if you have patience. Price = 1.5M RSGP Account 3: Level 60 Mithril Pure. Great status. Price = 1M RSGP Account 4: Quote: Originally Posted by backthen Bought the main account for 2mill, went first, was given email and codes and everything to get it into my control. thanks m8 Contact Methods: Post here or : [email protected][PP] 9HP! 93 Magic! [PP]Closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.