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    Building Pure[will sell]im building a prayer pure! it will have 45 prayer: 20 attk: 50 str.. Would anyone buy this? and if so for how much? just trying to get a idea if it would pay off to do this! thanks p.s. even if your not going to buy plz leave a comment with constructive criticism! thanks[RSGP/PP] 40-70-1, no email, recove, nev mem [$4]account is a great starter pure that is a safe account, no email, no recoveries, never been a member and has only had one password and I am original owner, username has no numbers and is just 3 words. I will go first to trusted members, if not trusted mm will be used. vouches in thread SB- 5 mil or $3 A/W- 7 mil or $4 [email protected]★ Selling Level 3 Skiller [2x 99, 85 Crafting] ★PLEASE NOTE: I am only accepting RSGP. I will not accept any currency or swaps. I value RSGP at $0.45/m so ($4.50 = 10M, $22.50 = 50M, $45.00 = 100M)! I'm here today to sell this skiller which is over 4 years old. My reason for selling?.. I rarely play RuneScape and when I do, I want to have fun, I just cannot be bothered with skilling as I find it extremely boring now. I've only one other trade on this forum which was with h1j2q3 (sold him around 200M). I'll request for him to vouch for that when he's next online. Screenshots Extra Information The account was made over 4 years ago (close to a veteran cape and has a username login) and has never received an offence/infraction and was once VERY active in the official forums (thousands of posts). I also believe the account has a referral from a player moderator but I'm not entirely sure. 85 crafting costs more than you may first think. Trading I will not go first to anyone other than a moderator/OMM, however I do not expect anyone to go first to me either, therefore I would like to use an OMM. Upon purchase you will receive all of the recovery question answers (as I cannot delete them), along with previous passwords, payment methods and the bank PIN. Please post here and I will message you my . Thanks.Selling 10 hp Mage pure [Cheap]If you are intrested my is: [email protected] Here is pic of hes stats: No recoveries or email set!! A/W 5M.:[700+ VOUCHES/OMM] Selling LEVEL 3 with 99 FISHING! [TRUSTED/$50 DONOR]:.Sold.{RSGP}Selling Level 3 Skiller{RSGP}Hello, I'm selling my level 3 skiller with 99 mining and Duelist's hat tier 6. I am only accepting RSGP for this account. There is no autowin yet. If you have any questions feel free to ask.[Trading/Selling]LEVEL34! 88 Strength Pure!Im Selling/Trading accounts or for rsgp!! If intreseted message back![CHEAP] 4-71-1, no emails, no recoveries, never member, 110k wealth [CHEAP]Hey guys I've made this strength pure I'm willing to take ANY reasonable offer for this account. You can add my ONE and ONLY [email protected] I will go first only if you have 50 or more vouches and if I don't accept your invitation soon just leave your on the thread as sometimes I don't receive the friend requests. I also would be accepting gold and/items on the RSPS Soul Split.
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