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    [Donator][RSGP] Selling Level 3 Zeal Pure! [1.9k+ Zeal][20+ Vouches]Hey all, today I'm selling my level 3 with 1,8500 zeal! This can make a perfect pure with only a few clicks. I have all original info, and of course, I'm the original owner. Info Needed to Know This account is an email log in. The email is fake. I am the original owner. Upon purchase, you will recieve a .txt file containing every bit of information possible. After purchase, I will unlock the account if you are unable to so long as it's in your possesion. The account has 1,8500 zeal atm. The automatic winner for the account in its current state is 180m. This A/W is subject to change as the zeal count increases. Current offer is 140m by Bledsoe. OMM's are more then welcome, fee's will be deducted from the agreed purchase price. My is - [email protected] Pictures: Vouches: :///showthread.php?t=973988[RSGP/Paypal] Selling runite miner 1 def* I am original owner. * Username log-in. * Vouches in my signature. A/W. 9m.3 account package cheapp!!! ( RSgp )Im looking for some RSgp to put on my main acc so I'm selling these 3 accounts cheap!! 1. Lvl 55 strength pure 40 attack 72 str 31 pray 2. Lvl 68 rune pure 76 str 31 pray. 3. Lvl 88 main with a bunch of good stats. I'm selling all of these accounts together for cheap!! If you are interested please post here and I will put up the pics for all of these accounts. A/w is 30mil[RSGP]Amazing starter pure! [DT] [57 combat]Hey guys, selling my pure to fund my main. Combat 57! : [email protected] Post before adding me! Pictures :) Main members objects coming with this account: Note it has some more pk supplies in bank. Desert treasure done: Stats: Login: Note you will get the recoveries and email will be set to yours :) No a/w. Just bid away. Remember comes with 3m! Either you will go first or we will use a mm/ omm. Thanks![/quote][PP] Level 3 skiller for sale !Hey guys, I'm selling this skiller (cb 3) for Paypal only. It has about 10mil overall in cash and items. It used to have 99 cooking as you can see from the cape, and it had a minor botting offence which made it rollback to 91. ): Has a four letter username, and also has the prefix "Sir". So yeah paypal only and offer away ! Here are some pictures. And also the recovs will be given once purchased and i will also change the email to yours. I will not be going first. Thanks guys :// P.S as you can tell it says, hey its crunkz from runekeep ! if you would like me to take a photo to say hey its crunkz from . just say so. Cheers / :// :// :// :// ://
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