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    99Wc - Cb 57 - 1Def Pure! Going for Cheap, {RSGP}Hey Im here yet again selling more accounts, Atm im selling my level 57 Pure with 99 Woodcutting. there's no point in taking a bank pic it only has rune wc axe lol. Only accepting Rsgp, and we will use a MM/Omm if necessary Looking for at least 5mil Rsgp Picture of stats: Proof of no recovery: Pm Me Or Post back here! Thanks[RSGP]Selling Str Pure[RSGP]acc soldBuying mining accounts!must have 65+ mining, add my or post here [email protected] thanks.mining and wc skiller cb lvl3A/w is 45m (ik it seems high but its A/W) starting bid at 10m P.S ill also accept paypal for $25 or more Click images for full size viewSelling 99 Mining skiller [RSGP]sold.60 range [starter pure]Hello I'm pretty new here on , I would love to begin selling higher level/more expensive accounts but before i do i'd like to build up a little trust. So im going to sell a few of my lower level accounts to do so HIGHEST BIDDER WINS If you are not WELL repped you will be going first, if not a MM will be used at your expense PLEASE POST ON HERE OR PM ME WITH OFFERS FIRST! Has a Good username, kind of "OG" Good starting pure [D-bower] [obby mauler] etc. Completely SAFE account, no recov's/email HAPPY BIDDINGSelling SUPER RARE NAME 15 CMB 99 [email protected]#%^&[RSGP]Buying 60 Mining Acc [RSGP]Acc has To Have 60 mining other stats 1 if acc is a fail with cmb idc ill still buy it offering 500k to 750k for one. Acc Must Not Have Recoverys or email set Add my if ur interested to sell:[email protected] or pm me !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.