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    [RSGP] Selling Lvl 3 | 80 Dung | 200k Tokens [RSGP]hey guys selling another lvl 3 with 80 dung 200k tokens no recovs or emails If you are interested in this account add me on and pm me via !!! A/w: 50mil Happy Bidding!! Good NameSelling 99 def pure 40 hp 40 summoning ( 1 2)Hey im new to these forums i was referred by a player called " rangeballs" also im hoping to get good rep. To my auction guys this is my 99 defence pure i am really happy with it i was going to go for 99 summoning but i realised its more work than im prepared to do. I am willing to swap this account for others just give me a offer and i shall listen to you. 99 defence 40 hits 40 summoning ive got some skilling stats but they are irrelevent wolf wistle is the only quest ive completed. add me on : alexpearce93 you can request my phone number also but i shall not make it public. A/W - TBC ill see how bids go happy bidding guys i hope you can trust me if any mods can help me out to make me more trust worthy i would be gratefull cheers. attached photos below :// ://[RSGP] Selling stater pure 5m [RSGP]Selling a decent stater pure!!! Highest bid [email protected]@Selling lvl 21 obby mauler - 99 fish - 99 cook $30!!It is a decent starter pure can make it whatever you want, and already has 99 fish/cook. You will recieve all info when you purchase this account, has no registered email/recovery questions. I am only accepting $30 in rsgp. Rsgp is valued at $.4/m I'm only accepting RSGP. No set a/w, highest bidder wins.ACAWQ1234 Selling level 99 Woodcutting with other combat statsLevel 99 Woodcutting Level 41 Attack Level 42 Strength Level 40 Defence Level 50 Combat (edit) Taking RSGP for account basically trying to get a new start on my account I used to play on, selling this one because I was going to make it a skiller got bored after 99 wc, decided to make it a main then again got bored after my stats hit 40. Add me on - Jesushellz or post on here with your contact details and ill contact you. If you don't feel comfortable buying accounts with recovery questions please don't post here, I will send you the recovery details in a message because it will take 14 days to delete them or something like that im not 100%. Nothing special in bank basically worthless not asking to much PM on here with offers or add my and we will talk. ALSO don't know how to get to that "safe" picture or whatever haven't played this game since 04' frequently besides getting this account the stats they are at. But I will take a picture of it on request I'm sure it's at safe considering I didn't bot to 99[rsgp]Selling 10hp mager! CHEAP! [rsgp]EDIT: now 10hp 82 mage I am asking for 8-12m offers so i can buy a runescape account upgrade. the auto win: 12m.:="Selling Level 59 Pure-80 Range-80 Mage-68 Str-"=:.I'm selling my level 59 Pure for RSGP strictly. I have really no set price for what I'm looking for. However, it is not a bad account. Seeing as RSGP has dropped in value due to mass amounts of inflation and updates, I'd like more than 10M. Post your offers below. Here is a picture of the account. It contains all of the information you need for the account. How to contact me: Message me on three different places. Post here. Message my , ultraub, or message me on @ [email protected][Rsgp] Selling good G maul pure [Rsgp] ( 1 2)Hey everyone I am selling a G maul pure it's a really good starter account for rushing and anything to do with melee. The A/W Is not decided yet at this time I will be taking any offer's since it is a old account. As for trading I do not go first and will ask for a PM on before any trade's are made. Current Bid: 5M Viiruks Here are some picture's of the account. Account log-in: Account Combat: Account Bank: Account Stat's: If you are interested in buying please add my : [email protected] Thank you.
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