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    Nicodr007's custom/pure accounts shop! [RSGP]Taking custom orders, working on pures and skillers. Quests and more will be talked over : [email protected] Payment: RSGP ACCOUNT IN STOCK: PURES: 1 SKILLERS: 0 OTHER: 0Sellign obby mauler A/w 5$Hey guys im sellign my obby mauler with about 400k bank.
    A/w 5$ (can go for 1$) Paypal only Stats: Bank : Yes this account have Recoveries for security but I will provide it after transfer.Level 49 unfinished pure for sale !For sale, top offer !99 Woodcutting - 59 Combat - The Granite Maul HybridLOW LEVEL PKING HYBRID WITH A COMBAT OF 59. GREAT LITTLE RUSHER. HAS 70+ IN STRENGTH, MAGIC, AND RANGED PLUS 31 PRAYER FOR THE BOOST. I'M SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR £40 VIA PAYPAL. THANKS FOR LOOKING GUYS! PICTURES:57 Range/2hSelling level 57 with. 75hp 40attack ( will go to level 58.8 with 50 for gmual) 80str 80range Low mage. The pure is currently my f2p range 2h K0ing beast I just braught a maxed Range 2her though this account will come with 50m Welth) If your trusted ill go first if not we use ommRARE ACCOUNT - 6 hpFirst before even thinking about it, i am not going first so dont bother asking very rare runescape 6 hp account ( post offer) - if u want quick chat private message me[RSGP](s) 10hp/99mage pure [RSGP]Hello I am here to sell my 10hp/99 mage account the account is cb lvl 55 has nothing important in the bank but is a nice account that can be turned into whatever pure you would like... So if anyone would like to take a bid i will be accepting RSGP Only... A/W is 20m NEW LOW A/W 20m is so low its almost stealingPics Black marks Login screen Bank Bank pin/quests Stats If there are any other pictures or more information that is needed please feel free to pm me on here Or : [email protected] PS the pics are NRPK cause i was tryna trade fro donator pins but I'm just gonna go for rsgp cbf making new picsSelling Level 3 Skiller W/ 99 Crafting [rsgp] Offer!!!I am selling a level 3 skiller with 99 crating and cooking. Here are pics of the Accounts stats/bank/etc.. ://s1125.photobucket/albums/...creenshot1.jpg ://s1125.photobucket/albums/...creenshot2.jpg ://s1125.photobucket/albums/...creenshot3.jpg ://s1125.photobucket/albums/...creenshot4.jpg OFFERS?.. If I don't get any I will be setting my own price... BE REASONABLE. POST OFFERS HERE, PLEASE POST YOUR SO I CAN ADD YOU SO WE CAN MAKE THE TRADE.​
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