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    Maxed Obby Mauler low combat!!Hey i have a maxed level 46 obby mauler with 50 hp, 99 str, 13 pray ! and 65 range. I just want a price check on it if you guys would be so kind. I know this is the wrong place for this thread, and that there is a price check thread... But nobody ever replies to it. Really Appreciated!Selling lvl 59 F2P pure. 40-85-1[PP/RSGP] NO SWAPS...Hello ! I've got an account for sale that is amazing for starting off some f2p pking. no recoveries, 50kish bank.. I'm decently trusted so I'm really not expecting to go first. 33 vouches and $2500+ traded Looking for offers, gold4rs offered me 16$Pro Maxed Mauler! Low Level! Omfg! ( 1 2 3)Hey guys i'm selling my trophy account, my level 47 maxed obby mauler. This baby has made me a lot of money and given me a lot of fun. PICS: CB: STATS: LOGIN: OFFENCE HISTORY: There is currently no a/w set but feel free to place your bids!! this account is insane and can max out a 450 hit (with 13 prayer and a bneck+ring), rushers also can't touch the 630 life-points when rocktailed. It's a dream account that's all i can say. Also i will not be going first to anyone apart from a mod , feel free to use an OMM, but i will not be paying the fees. My only is: [email protected] Current bid: 65mSelling Level 23 def pure [paypal] [rsgp]sellin def pure 50 def pm me or me for acc picsSelling Two Nice Summoning Tanks.Well I have no use for these as the people at their level in wildy risk nothing. Uploaded with Account one: C/o:2m Account two: C/o:7m Offer away.[RSGP] SELLING LVL 56 PURE! 85 magiks! 96 fishing!Hey guys wanted to sell my lvl 56 hybrid pure thing today. it has around 1m bank worth of feathers. anyway yeah a/w is 25m because well 85 magic cost me 13m and 96 fishing cost me 3m and well its an awesome account not really looking for 25m but its just an a/w. I know that I have no vouches and little posts but i am not looking to go first unless you pay for an OMM because well this account is just awesome. no offense on the acc, never bottedSelling lvl 49 with 94 minerAccount has fake email login no email or recoveries set never botted has potential to make money (94 Mining) A/W=10$ or 20m Looking to sell fast pleaseLevel 13 with 81 minning !selling a level 13 with 81 mining heres screen shot aw is 8m will accept decent offers is [email protected] ill send screenies on there dunno how to upload pics on here i have 8vouches
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