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    Im SELLING A RUNE PURE WITH 81 MINING! 2mPRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF INTERESTED!!!! I'm selling this rune pure who has 81 mining, for only 2m, or best offer! also has about 180 kills on the wildstalker helm.buying zeal mule!please before you add me please tell me a little about the account please post pics or send me a pm with account pics. please add these following in side this topic. 1. account pics(zeals) 2. your contact information 3. your price of a/w once you have done this i will contact you threw pm or . my is in siggy below. thanks. airforceduckyAbove All - Dungeoneering pure 420k TOKENS ! 80Str 78AttThe following account is for sale: Recovery questions are set (Will be removed when buyer is found) Email is set (Will be removed when buyer is found) [/] Amazing Dung pure with already trained attack and strength. No quests are currently done however. A/w 100m Runescape gold/ $40 Paypal (verified users only) /$38 liberty reserve Add me on to discuss: [email protected] for Range pureLooking for a range pure with everything at 1 but,---Atmost 70 range and 44 prayer. If range is still in the 70s we'll discuss.l Lvl 46 pure 62 str 40 att 1 def + 25m lIm able to sell account without money, or money without account also. Price is 25$ via PP. Screenshots: Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Account is also on green zone. If your interested add me on : persmonniusSelling five accounts all of them for 20mI'm selling Five accounts, and you can have them all for 20m. Most of em' are great money makers, AND pkers!!!! Private message me, or me @ "[email protected]" Link --->:///showthread.php?t=1257411Buying Range Pure 10mI'm looking for a range pure. All other stats can be 1 as long as it has 60+ range. Looking to make it quick and easy. Help me out. [email protected] all accounts with 85 mining+Buying all accounts that are 85 mining + not looking for to high of cb on them so please keep it low i do not want a pure i just want a acc that has 85+ mining not looking to spend much seeing as i only want them for the mining level so if your hopeing to get a lot outa it im sorry = if you want to pm me and work somehing out feel free to I will be buying these accounts with RSGP
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.