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    [Paypal only]Selling lvl 55 Rng2h CHEAP/FAST(40-1-74str-76rng)[1.4M RSGP]I recently quit RS, and the only time I play is on EXTREMELY boring occasions (which is almost never b/c im either making music or chilling w/ friends.). I'm happy I broke free of my RS addiction, and i'm here to basically sale my acc. This acc is 100% mines. I can give you all the details on it (date created, etc). Never botted on, all legit training. Just tryna get rid of it for some money to help me out in the long run as far as this music stuff. Just need to sell fast. Paypal only : [email protected] (scammers dont waste your time) A/W:$15 Login: Offenses: (these are for when I was trying to sell the acc back in 2010, and I was spamming "who wants to buy this acc", so they put "account sharing", but its still SAFE) Bank: Stats:Selling 7 Level 90+ Miners (3 Combat) ( 1 2 3)NOTE: PAYPAL ONLY! Hey all. A bit of information about the accounts - the only skills trained are dungeoneering (for resource dungeons) and mining so everything is 1 and their combat levels are 3, they have a rune pic and 300k gp worth+ of ores on them if you want a little spending money and they are all cheap! Here's some pictures: SOLD #1 SOLD #2 SOLD #3 SOLD #4 SOLD #7 If you are interesting in either of these either post here with the account number (top-right of the picture) and whether you are buying it for the asking price or another offer (which you must state) or you can add me on to discuss it. As they sell, I will delete them from this post. Thanks. MY : [email protected][GP] Selling 2 great accounts! 1 def pure and zerker! both with gr8 noncb stats [RSGPcan supply info for both accounts, one has roughly 20m, one has about 2m, can take it off or leave it on, using OMM or trusted MM I will NOT go first, not risking the def. and i will consider trades, but nothing dumb, no low ball offers, i feel these accs are worth something.--0obarragedo0-- Pure Account Shop!Hey guys, my name is 0obarragedo0 AKA Nick. I'm here to tell you all about my Pure shop. What you do is fill out the application below and your account will be made within 0-2 days. What happens is you fill send me a private message for the name you wish to have. Fill in your email, what stats you want leveled and what level you wish to have. I will not do stats above 60. These accounts are not botted and are done legit. Prices Below. Prices: All prices are negotiable, post your /email below and I will add you, prices are discussed via . I will go first. Code: Application! Email: Stats: Levels:Selling 99 woodcutting level 3 skillerHey as the title says I'm selling my combat level 3, 99 woodcutting skiller. This account has 99 wooductting, 61 mining, and 36 runecrafting (with enough ess for 50) As this account has an email login, the email along with password and email recovery information will be given along with the purchase of the runescape account. This account has no set recoveries nor any bans/infractions. NOT BOTTED! ;] A/W: 10M first legit bid of 9M+ will get it PM OR POST! bank stats no recoveries recovs no bans/infractions/blackmarks bans***DFS Pure***I am selling my DFS pure. Defense pure. BEAST!! [email protected]★spending 13mil★buying d claw rusher,preferble 60 attack and str rest 1 ★looking for a D clawer rusher! Questions! does it have email/recoverys? does it have normal log in name? Do you have all info? if i deem you trusted i will go first or we use MM! My :[email protected] send me a pm before you add me!as it sometimes don't show up that u wanna add me[rsgp-A/W 30m!!]level 53 w/99magic-99fletching-[rsgp]before we start i am the only original owner of this account =] i pushed alot of work , i never ever ever botted on it 'no black marks' as you can see,its level 53 wc with 99 magic and fletching! it has NO RECOVRIES OR EMAIL!AND NO BLACK MARKS!as i said above i never botted on it it has also 15exp in fletching =] (not the normal 13m) why buy from me?i absolutely know all informations about this account and im willing to provide them to the buyer also there are no recovries or email:] A/W is:30m start bidding ;-) add me on [email protected] after posting here if you have a good offer i am only going first for trusted ppl only!we can use a MM or OMM! also keep the 1.8m
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