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    Failedpure's Pure Shop[Rsgp][Dung and Combat Pures][40+ Vouches] ( 1 2)Account #2 Gravite Pure 40k tokens A/w 20mil Account #3 Gravite Pure 40k tokens A/w 20mil Not what you're looking for? I have a 80 dung level 89 for sale here.Buying an obby mauler 60 str or more for 5m rsgpbasically what the title says... contact me with any accounts. will go first if the seller talks on . : mrfloats : [email protected] To Buy An Account With A 99i am looking to buy an account quite cheap must have atleast 1 99, please post below if u have one-SWAPPING- frost account for great pure- ( 1 2)Hey Guys Im Looking For A Great Pure.we Will Be Using Omm Or Mm. Will Post Pics Soon, Has Got 85 Dung 80 Attack, 80 Strength 80 Hp,52 Prayer,40 Summoning,70 Def And 1300 Total Level! Also Has A Very Unique 3 Lettered Name. The Account Has Rapier,nature Staff,ring Of Vigour And Still Has Tokens. Its Not Member, But Depending How Good The Account You Offer Is , I Can Make It Mem. We Will Use Any Mm Or Omm From This Site! ( You Choose ) Looking For A Quick Swap Guys!or rsgp or i might accept paypal (mm or omm used ofc) Will Post Pics If You Want Or We Can Meet In Game. Or We Can Use For Screen Share! The Account Has 80-ish Quest Points. pic of stats: ://wikihow/Image:Rs_pics_294.pngLooking for zeal mule!I'm willing to trade 1m cash, My obby maul tank, A lvl 84 main that has 85 woodcutting, a lvl 66 pure that has 81 mining, and a lvl 62 range tank. all for a a decent zeal mule.Selling 2 Dung Pure Accounts! 1 def! 74+ Dung!Hi. I am currently selling 2 dung accounts. Both have 1 def and 75+ dung. I am looking for runescape gp. Either you go first or I find a trusted mm. Both have never been members or had recoveries set. Also they are signed up with emails and you can also have access to the emails as well. 1st acc. Combat level- 51. 2nd acc. Combat level- 50. Please either post here or pm me if interested.Looking for a range pure! private message me plz!Hey guys i'm looking for a decent range pure, preferably a RUSHER. send me a private message.Great Skiller [rsgp]Login -[/] Stats - Offence page - All information will be given to the buyer such as recoverys, previous passwords ect ect, i have no interest in rs anymore as iv played for years and now gone to wow (so much better) so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the account is yours untill you quit. Login is a username not an email Im selling this account for a EU cataclysm expansion pack or a decent amount of RSGP so i can buy it leave a comment if your interested and il pm my OMM AT YOUR COSTS, unless of course your trusted (i.e 100vouchs) then il go first
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.