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    [PP/WU][RSPG] ♥ Binzo94's Account Shop ♥ [Pures/Skillers]Account 1 Staker/Pker - Full Void (melee & range) - About 1-2Mill Wealth - Main quests done Stats Bank Login AW: 25Mill Account 2 - sold Quote: Originally Posted by Uber_Noob Bought Account #2 for 4M, I went first, great trade Skiller - Great for making money - few hundred coals banked Stats Login AW: 7Mill More accounts tomorow! Upon Purchase you will receive all account details (previous passwords etc..) also my help if you ever need it unlocking etc.. Any Questions please just PM me or add me on [email protected] Thanks for Looking[60+ Vouches] Skills Mate Dungeoneering Emporium! 80 Dung=20m a piece!Thats right folks, I'm selling these beautiful accounts for only 20m a pop. Buy now from someone who is trusted and will not recover your accounts! Please post your below or shoot me a pm if your interested!WTS/WTT lvl 45 with barrows gloves ( 1 2)Can a mod please remove this thanks.Pure 10 HP, 91 Mage!!- Only accepting RSGP - Any questions, feel free to ask. - A/W 20M74 Ranged 1 Def Range PureHere is a ranged pure. Starting Price is $5. Replay to this post if you are willing to buy it.Buying 99 Agility Or Farm [email protected] message me there or on ihateniggerswhitepower or pm on here i guess all talking will be done on those 2Selling 3 Level 3 Mining accounts. [RSGP!] ( 1 2)This thread has also been posted on MMOexchange; ://mmoexchange/forums/index.php?topic=31252 Hello and welcome to my thread.. here I will be selling 3 mining accounts that I planned to goldfarm on.. I succeeded but no longer want these accounts.. they are great for making money. Here's the first account. 1. Here's the 2nd account. 2. And lastly.. heres the third! 3. I do not have any price in mind, so im looking for offers.. if your interested; add me on please :) [email protected] Thanks for looking. P.S: If you're wondeering why it says MMOexchange, its because I have tried to sell on there but theres no luck, and I really cba to take new pics.. I have stated on the MMOExchange thread that this is also posted on , just incase any of you think I have stolen the pictures/thread.. Need any more proof just contact me on . :)[PP ONLY] Bloodpker798's Account Shop MuStSeE [PP ONLY]Hey, . I'm selling these accounts as I plan on quitting RS altogether. Current Stock : 6 Accounts Looking to buy some RSGP? Buy 76m RSGP here. Some Rules: Selling for PayPal ONLY. You will go first unless I deem you trusted. You will send the PayPal payment as "gift" with the note of my chosing. I am the original owner to ALL of the accounts, but certain ones I do not have all of the info, as I didn't remember to save it. I will put a "*" next to the account if I have the information to it. So let's get to the accounts.. * Account 1 - Low CMB Dbow/Ice Barrage Rusher (F2P): A/W : 17$ * Account 2 - Starter Skiller, decent stats #1 (P2P): A/W : 14$ (Seeing as it's still members for 20 days) Account 3 - Staker/Main #1 (F2P): A/W : 7$ Account 4 - Starter Tank (F2P): A/W : 5$ Account 5 - Staker/Main #2 (P2P): A/W : 7$ Account 6 - Starter Skiller, decent stats #2 (F2P) A/W : 5$
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