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    [Sell]Obby Mauler in the making[Sell]ACCOUNT SOLD***DFS Pure***{PP}I am selling my DFS pure. Defense pure. BEAST!! I will use a MM for security reasons. Looking for about 10-20$ but willing to negotiate. Account is now P2p [email protected][RSGP] Fully quested Blitz-Mauler [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey , im selling my fully quested gmaul rusher! ITS NOW 71STR AND MEMBER TILL OCTOBER 21TH It was a pain in the love you to get it full quested so please only serious buyers! My rules: - you have to go first, or get an mm on your own expense - if you are interested add me on : [email protected]***Selling lvl 50 dung pure,80dung!72str! [trusted,over 5.5Bil traded]***Swifty_rs lvl 50 dung pure for sale : [email protected] I'll be not going first we will use a omm or a very very trusted mm. I accept paypal,rsgp,bank transfer,alertpay, WU and mail as payment options. I have sold many accounts here: :///showthread.php?t=1231099 also have vouches for about 5-6bil which can be found down this post. account #37: the account is lvl 50, 80dung, got all tokens left. It had never recovs,email,1pass ever set,never been member. auto win: 25$ vouches: vouches traded 5.5BIL +-: Quote: Originally Posted by Time To Buy I MMed a trade for Swifty_Rs, all went well. The trade was for 40m for "account #28". Great trader, very patient. Quote: Originally Posted by hipstery BIG VOUCH: SOLD ME A RAPIER PURE FOR 40M. Good trader Quote: Originally Posted by Ryuh Vouch for swifty for doing a fair trade, trustworthy guy did email recovery asapp for me Quote: Originally Posted by Jakers92 Bought lvl 86 off him for 50mil went first smooth trade cheers man Quote: Originally Posted by iluv n00dl3s Huge vouch for swifty baught his acc for 25$ went smooth very trusted!! Quote: Originally Posted by ILiftThings Very easy trade, bought an account from him. I went first, no MM needed. Highly recommended. Quote: Originally Posted by xKillahx14 Bought main #3 for $60. I went first, all went good and efficient. Vouch this trader anyday, good luck on the rest of the sales Quote: Originally Posted by oxodium vouch for swiftyrs, sold me 90m via paypal, he went first- thanks m8 Quote: Originally Posted by Frenchmontana203 Big vouch for swifty_rs sold him 3bil for $1950, I went first we traded in small amounts. Big fat vouch awesome buyer, will do more business with him in the future. Quote: Originally Posted by AccountsFS Big vouch for swifty_rs sold him 225m for 130$ !!! Quote: Originally Posted by turnedot Smooth trade with this man for 500M ! Big Big Vouch! Quote: Originally Posted by Zypharion BIIIIG vouche this dude has all of my respect i went first and trade went smooth goodluck to swifty in the future he's a hard love you. :[) Quote: Originally Posted by babybu vouch bought the lvl 78 staker for 55mil Quote: Originally Posted by The Black Tux Vouch! Sold me 74M Quote: Originally Posted by tushy89 vouch! bought a frost dragon account! as stated very smooth! went first with rsgp give tip + very trusted person! reccomend to all Quote: Originally Posted by Xasmas Vouch, sold me 99 str acc for 30m Thnx Quote: Originally Posted by komaokc +vouch for Swifty, quick and easy Quote: Originally Posted by Snapbacks Vouch for Swifty! Bought account #8 !! Nice and Smooth Thanks man! Quote: Originally Posted by herpsnao bought account off of him! Trade went smooth, I went first Quote: Originally Posted by Laimiite12 BIG FAT VOUCH for swifty!! bought his staker! used MM! amazing guy to trade with! more people should be like him! Quote: Originally Posted by ll champion Vouch for swify! MM'ed his account for PayPal trade! Went extremely smooth! Quote: Originally Posted by oxodium sold me 400m via pp, he went first in increments, great communication and a very smooth trade. Thank you very much .Buying -- Obby Mauler - GMauler - Dclaw Rusher -- BuyingAlso may be interested in any f2p pures that you might have. Post accounts below with prices.[SWAP] Buying Range/G2H F2P Pure [SWAP]Stats don't have to be exact but close to the ones below VVVV Stats needed are: 45 Attack 70+ Strength 1 Defence 70+ Range 1 Prayer 25 Magic (I can do that myself though) 67+ Dungeoneering (OR 50k tokens OR G2H + 10k tokens OR G2H and Longbow Sight) 1 Summoning (given) Looking to trade this account for it. I can also offer full RSGP for the account if its good enough.selling g2h pure HIGH STATSill sell for irl moneyFill my buying needs!Hello everyone (dont bother without good vouches) I'm looking for 2 types of accounts. First: A Def pure (99 def prefered, but if it has high none-combat skills i'll consider lower( Secondly: a Skiller: I want atleast 2 good 99's. (Fx i don't consider WC a great skill cape) Payment options?: Im quite open on that point, it depends on the seller. Thank you for your time.
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