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    Turmoil Pure 85+5 [89 Range] [95 Prayer] [1x999] [130 QP] [RSGP|Mail] Firecape & MoreI Live In Texas/USA/Cypress [For Mail In Cash Payments] Current Bid: 150mill Rsgp Valued At .60-.65/M now 70 attk | Kabal Or Dalpra Will Be ning This Trade If you dont Go First NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS I APPROVE | Scammers i Advise you to leave no possible way of scamming me I dont go first unles Mod / OMM I Have 100Mill in Stock That Can Be Added to the Acc at a Price of .75/M Fully Quested Has 130Qp Atm Will Be Questing On An Off Noticeables Are: Salve amulet(e) | Smoking Kills Done | TaS | Addy Gloves Will Be Getting Rune | Dagon Hai | Proselyte Armour [email protected] A/w = 180$ PP Without Gp[RSGP] G mauler with 99 mage! and 30m wealth!Hey guys, today i am selling this account for RSGP! please add me on if you are interested or have some offers! or post below!! [email protected] No a/w at the moment! Current best offer = 99 mage - 97 range - 72hp - 45 pray - 72 cbhi Trading this pure. Looking for rsgp I wont go first, 50/50 or OMM your fees. We will change email before starting the trade. Uploaded with Uploaded with Leave your or offer here so and i add youAccount Shop-Pures!!! ( 1 2)I am accepting RSGP, PayPal AND SWAPS! I will not accept all swaps but if it is a good one why not. All have emails and recovs or one of each, i know its against the rules to sell but will give all info and i am only using a MM or you going first. If someone knows how to take them off please PM me or post and i will ASAP. The old way isnt really working for me.....idk? Account 1: CMB: 70 (members til 30th) By eddielowry at 2011-06-11 Account 2: CMB: 53 (members til 29th) By eddielowry at 2011-06-11 Account 3:CMB:61 (Good Rune pure starter WITH G2H) (Can Access VET cape) By eddielowry at 2011-06-06 Account 4: CMB:77 (Good starter TANK) (can access VET cape) By eddielowry at 2011-06-11 Account 5: CMB:61 (Good Staker start) By eddielowry at 2011-06-11!!!![2] >~->must See!!!RSGP ARE ACCEPTABLE! 2 Beast accounts for sale. I have all the info. I am the owner. CONTACT ME BY: — [email protected] VOUCH LIST: sythe/showthread.php?p=8679573#post8679573 ACCOUNT NUMBER 1 [*75 COMBAT*] (38 Quest points) : |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||| ACCOUNT NUMBER 2 (106 Quest points) :buying 1 defence pure !buying 1 defence pure : my offer : sythe/showthread.php?t=1151379 if u interesed pm your offer here or pm me on : [email protected](BUYING)[Needs to meet these guidlines!]93-99 str 70-75hp 40atk 1 def 1 prayI am looking for a 60-64 combat level pure . Needs 93-99 str 70-75 hp 40 atk! 1 def and 1 prayer (no exceptions) ! I can pay cash through paypal, or if you want rsgp i can do that too. I am new to sythe but want to stay a member of these forums and not looking to scam, if you are REALLY trusted i will go FIRST, if not then we will have to go through a middle man. Thanks! email:[email protected] please email me first then we can set up a time to talk on messenger:[email protected] 90+6 for Sale!It's a level 90+6 with 99 hunter, a Fire Cape, and 1500 total. I wanna sell it for 15M RSGP.
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