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    68 Quested Pker.The account currently is up to mithril gloves! This pure has over 150k tokens left over from dung and stills has an arcane neck. It can become virtually anything you want with the good amount of quests beaten. With 230 zeal points you have multiple options to customize the stats. I can send you a picture of the 230 zeals but must be today because it runs out of membership. My is lgburst add me. A/W= 120m. Guys serious offers only.[2005 Member][RSGP/Paypal]Selling Level 73 Rapier Staker![87 Dung][1 Pray/Def] ( 1 2)Hey all, selling this Rapier staker here, I've made a ton of money from him, but decided it's time to sell this bad boy It has the Chaotic Rapier and Chaotic Longsword. Stats: Login Page: Email will be removed upon finding a buyer, and recoveries will be removed too if someone tells me how, if not, I will simply just give you the recoveries. : [email protected] I accept both RSGP and Paypal, without a preference, I will only go first to people whom I deem to be truthworthy, if you want to use an OMM, the fee is on you. No A/W is set ATM Highest Bid: 40M RSGP[PP/RSGP] Level 85 RAPE F2P Rune Pure 50/99/40/44 99 STRENGTH 20m Bank [PP/RSGP]I wont go first under any circumstances. I can sell with or without the cash. The subscription is no longer active as I used a prepaid credit card and it is now empty. I am the orginial owner. We will use an MM we both can agree on and he WILL PM both of us. There is no A/W but I'm looking for over 50m or $20+ : [email protected] : [email protected] Maxed Pure| 3x 99's| 81 CB| Brawlers| Original Owner| Rsgp/ PayPal only!|Closedselling 40def 99STR with CHAOTIC RAPIER & RUNE GLOVESthis account has a chaotic rapier and rune gloves. i want to sell this account to buy turmoil for my new zerker account its a great acc to pk on and if you got veng it would be even better. again im not sure what how to price this account so ima say my auto win is 80$ please leave feedback all the recoveries and everything are off here are some stats:78 COMBAT - 99 STRENGTH PURE 2x99 [MITHRIL GLOVES][RSGP & PAYPAL] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Selling my old pure as im done with it, I need money to get stuff. Note: THIS ACC IS READY TO PK. Please post here b4 you hit up my . = [email protected] ONLY CONTACT ME BY THIS REAL EMAIL ^^^^^ A/W= 100m or $90 I'm willing to use MM for paypal transactions and RSGP. I dont accept you pay first on PP and I give you account, as you can easily do claim-backs. IT'S FREE TO PLAY AT THE MOMENT. It has about 5M roughly on it in cash and like 2m in junk or less. -Noticeable Quests- Mithril Gloves Just need a few side quests to do Adamant Gloves. -Noticeable Items- Thieving cape/Str Skill capes -Pictures- ]Spending 20-100M on 1-20 Defence Pure.Firstly, if your considering selling to me you must meet some/all of these rules. They're quite specific, and I might not find a seller with them, but i'm really just protecting myself. -Must have joined in 2009 or earlier (some exceptions) -Must have vouches/Previous completed trades/sales in which you can provide me with the evidence/feedback. -If I deem you trustworthy enough to attempt to deal with, YOU must pay the OMM or go first to me. (Some exceptions/Will consider 50/50) -Account must not have recoveries, registered emails or have been active recently. -By all means you can go first with me. -I WILL go first to very highly trusted individuals/mods/ranks. -I will check through your posts/threads to gain my own feedback about you. What i'm looking for; I'm not here to buy some kind of maxed pure, i'm merely after something with some average/high stats, which is quested and with atleast some cash/gear. But if you feel your account may be appealing to me, by all means post it. -I do not want any account over 20 defence (unless you're for some reason selling a turmoil account with 30-45 defence) -Must have started RFD. -Most major quests completed. -80 + Strength/Range/Mage -1 defence - initiate pure. I'm looking to spend 20-100m, so obviously accounts with much higher stats/any chaotics ect will be worth more to me. Please do not ask me to offer a price, you're the seller, so please name your price. Do not add me on until you have posted here, and I have spoken to you, or you won't be accepted. Feel free to check out my vouches for account sales, trades and more. Thank you.[RSGP] Buying low level /med level pures with 80+ dungHey guys im buying a low level pure with 80 dung or med level pure pm me if interested! (acc with dung must have 200k+ tokens in shop)
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