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    Selling epic 10 def beast!Selling my pure, want to know what offers ill get looking for paypal. 60 atk 75 str 86 hp 95 range 91 mage 10 def 52 pray 1473total level dt done, addy gloves, all pure quests done uploading pics soonSelling Maxed Low Hp Gmauler [New to Sythe] [Will Go First] [Firecape] [99str]95Magic ( 1 2)Hey im New to sythe im here becaus eon Rsbuddy i needed to sell my acocunt for Gp for 99 Herblore on my New lvl 3 but they dont have a market added so some dude told me to go on here uhmmm please inform on how trade will go more then likely will be using a [email protected] Gp is at .55/M Anything im Missing please let me know Willing to Comply with everything i have everything known about this acc gyazo/934ca6e1abbf27862c9d4a864b96bb36 gyazo/f8384d95567f3ea31c37255270aa4e35[RSGP/PA]Level 77 Epic Pure! 99str/95mage/82rng/45pray [CHEAP!]Title says it all! Selling an epic lvl 77 pure! Account has around 19M on it. There are no recoveries, no email, nothing, and I'm the original owner. Reason I am selling is because there is an upcoming Skrillex concert and I can't afford the tickets. So I am selling my baby as I don't play runescape anymore. I need the money as soon as possible so I will be selling relatively cheap. I am only accepting RSGP/PA as payment Either you first or OMM, no exceptions. Currently accepting offers only. Don't bid love you offers you know I won't accept either. Pics: Login: Stats: If interested, post in the thread, then add my . : [email protected] maxed main for a descent pure.Hey im trying to trade my maxed main for a descent pure, if anyone is intrested post on this or message me. PLEASE MAKE IT ASAP, I'VE been wanting to get rid of this account for awhile now. [63 cmb] Ice barrage [Quested]+[Gear]Selling lv 63 mauler Quested 85 range and 89 str NOW Aw:60m Mem for 3 months now No recoverys [Add [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[PAYPAL] Level 80 Zerker pure, 99 Rc, 99 Herblore and RARE Username [PAYPAL]Title says it all people, we would be using an OMM or You first. You would be given all infomation required for the account. I will accept RSGP or PAYPAL, anyone is fine. PM me or postin the thread if you are interested with offer. Im going to make this thread short and simple. Got any questons? Ask! Offer away guys, Im looking for a good offer!Mauler [63 cmb] Ice barrage [Quested]+[Gear]clsedbuying summ tank!Buying a summoning tank with atleast 60 def.... please add my and we will talk.... my : [email protected] I WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST/IF YOU NEED AN OMM YOU CAN PAY FOR IT! (ONLY OMM'S, NO MM....)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.