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    [Paypal] Good Quested ZerkHi this is a zerk that I was in the process of making then lost interest in the account as realised I could not be bothered with the rigorous strength training. I want Paypal for the account, its prayer and defence have been 100% quested and attack has had all quests that can be completed by a zerker apart from 1 completed I believe. Has 167 quest points with dragon gloves, really only needing dt to be completed for barrows gloves. Ardy cape 2 and Lumbridge ring 3, and Varrock armour 1 if that makes any differences lol. 68 Cmb without summon 74 Cmb with summon Its not members but its wealth is about 12mil and has full void I'm not sure how to remove email registration from the account, help with that would be appreciated and yeah. Will notgo first unless you are trusted Offer for the account I guess lol[rsgp] Selling Ranged Tank/firecape/rune Gloves 4rsgp [rsgp]Hello sythe. I am selling my ranged tank, that was a former pure. i got hacked before, they took monkeymad experience. SO i made it a defence noob kind of It can still become maxed 70 defence. IT is a GREAT ACCOUNT. i get huge hits in pvp with it, but i need more money for my maxed pure. I Am taking offers but, A/W is set at 35M. Here is pics. Uploaded with Uploaded with ADD my . it is trav.trippett. PM ME ON HERE. Remember A/W is 35m. i wish the account was better so i could say 40m. but its not worth more then 35m. have fun bidding.[Selling] Starter Zerker Was ddser![MM DONE!]Im selling my starter zerker i don't play on anymore. There is little to no bank on this guy. I am willing to sell this account for 10m rsgp. I will NOT go first. We will use a mm. Thanks. Please offer away! This is also for sale on Powerbot and MMOExchange.Selling level 60 d claw pure!-rsgp- ( 1 2)Sold To Smiteyour!really nice pure :) ( 1 2)Uploaded with Needs to do 2 prequests for desert treasure, preist in peril and another easy/short one. also obviously needs 50fm and 53 theiv a/w is 25M bid away! [email protected] Mage Account - Dt Done! - 94 magic!64 Combat Looking for RSGP. p2p Till 4/11/11 : [email protected] lvl 98 Zerker|99str|99mage|90range|Fully QuestedRecently i decided to sell my zerker that was just layin around because i want to make my lower level account a turmoil pure and yeah i know theres alot of good zerks out there but this one is actually really decent has rfd,lunar,desert treasure,ardy cape,AND has defender of varrock done so you would be able to do get turmoil without leveling the defence level.... all quests a good zerk would need tbh. I Am the original owner of this acc and will supply you with the original information like passwords,date created. -RULES OF TRADE- I WILL NOT GO 1ST. MM WILL BE USED IF U PAY ONLY WILL TRADE IF UR TRUSTED Post on topic how much u will offer before you hit my up [email protected] A/W = 90m[RSGP] 99 Magic/60 Combat/80+ Mining[RSGP]sellin 99 mage account. I AM the original owner of this account. Dont really have an A/W but i want to sell it to a trusted member of sythe. please message me via or PM [email protected]
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