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    Selling Cb68 - 1 Def - 60 Atk - Addy Gloves - Fully Quested W/ Zammy Book - 82 Str ( 1 2 3)Ok guy's, I've decided it's time to sell my beloved, incredible 60 attack pure after months of hard work questing and training it, as it's taking up too much of my GP and if I'm honest, I'm not the greatest pker. This baby is FULLY quested for a pure, including addy gloves, Ava's device, FILLED unholy/zamorak book, Dscim, Dds and more. The only quest really missing is DT. The account itself has recoveries and email registered to it, and all required information will be handed over when I have made a 100% LEGIT transaction with someone. I know I'm new here but I plan to be making a lot more trades in the future, as well as gaining some reputation around here. As for the price, I have an amount in mind and I will only be accepting RSGP! The A/W is 75m, but I'm looking for any offers as that is quite a large amount, (no pun intended ) Happy bidding, I look forward to negotiating! I've had some experience with these websites so don't try and scam me. EDIT: Stats as it's quite hard to see. 60 atk 82 str 1 def 72 range 31 prayer 56 magic 74 hp 55 agility 80 woodcutting 78 cooking 64 fishing 22 slayer 32 thieving 34 crafting The rest are 1 or relatively lowperfect sol stakerIF I GET OFFERS I WILL POST PICTURES. ADD MY : [email protected] or add my : fizzted stats: 77 att 80 def 50 str 1pray 1sum 74hp 81 dung it has a chaotic kite shild with 27k tokkens left.[RSGP] Selling a Level 67 Godsword Pure [RSGP] ( 1 2 3)I will go first if I consider you trusted. If not, we will use an MM or a OMM at your cost. Bank is clean, and not many quests are completed. If you have any questions, feel free to post or send me a PM! : [email protected][paypal] [rsgp] Maxed Zerker, Quick SaleHey all, selling my maxed zerker pure, all major quests are done , lunar, barrow gloves, ancients also has a firecape, this account has NO previous owners but me, deals will be negotiated but at this moment im not looking for swaps whatsoever. [Paypal purchases or rsgp to my new account] I will not be scammed, i always ask for a PM and the purchase will go through using a OMM, dont try add me on fake OMM emails please its the most boring thing ever and never works.. onto the pictures.. Sorry about the 3rd picture not sure what happend. Any additional information can be answered just add me at '[email protected]' Recoverys email etc will be deleted when i have a firm deal. thanks for reading.Level 99 Combat, 99 FishingShort story of why I'm selling, started playing RS again about 2 weeks ago because my friend started playing always wanted to make 10m ( never made over 10m in my life since playing rs since '06 ) started fishing rock tails after about 10 days of that had about 10m met my goal didn't really care much anymore then I started dicing after couple days of that up and downs I was finally up 100m, bought a bunch of stuff I wanted, next day felt cocky about winning sold all stuff wagered probably 5 games and was out of money. Not selling because I'm pissed but more of because I'm 18 and need to stop playing this game I got addicted to it so fast it's not even funny. Ill start off with the worse that would make you not want to buy the account so your not dissapointed in the end : MUTED!!, yes its not permanent goes off after 2 days, was for talking about weed. Meth in username!!!, Trust me you will not get banned for it I've talked to numerous mods at LRC and none said anything about it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright thats all the bad stuff bout the account - No Recovery's - No Pin - No Email - Membership ends at end of the month ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The level 1's are that level basically because I stopped playing RS after Construction came out then recently started playing again ------------------------------------------------------------------- 13k Living Minerals to get you started money making wise + the invo is basically everything I have left that actually is useful ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't know if this makes it worth any more but I thought it was cool just figured out what a veteran cape was so I got one I will not take RSGP for this only Paypal, I will go first if your trusted, if not we can do half and half, I give password, you give half I give username you give rest. Or vise-versa. - Jesushellz Youtube - Jesushellz Xbox - Acawq Those are really the only ways you will reach me I prefer over any of them though, If you have a way you'd rather me reach you post in topic and I will make a account for whatever it is. Starting Bid - 10$ Auto Win - 15$ Will add a account with 99 WC if trade goes smoothlySelling amazing boxer 73 CB | 75 attack | 75 defence | 1 prayer | 1100+ totalI'm selling my boxer, going to work on a pure again. Looking for RSGP. Autowin = 40Mstarter pure :)SELLING THIS NICE STARTER PURE IT HAS THE STATS TO BECOME OWNAGE HAS THE STATS TO BECOME RICH HERE ARE THE PICS FOR YOUR SELF TO SEE. there are recovs and email set on the account and since i do not know them im setting the price at 30m. a/w 30m we can also decide on a nother offer. stats of account log-in :/ FOR SOME REASON MY PICTURES ARE NOT WORKING HERE ARE THE STATS BELOW WITH THE MONEY MAKING SKILLZ (WILL MEET IN GAME AT UR CONCERN) PLEASE NOTE THAT II champion CAN VOUCH ON THIS ACCOUNT. ATTK-60 STR-81 DEF-20 RANGE-70 PRAYER-51 MAGE-80 MINING-77 FARMING-71 THEIVING-99 HITPOINTS-74 please him me up with pm and post offers on thread thanks alot[rsgp] Account Shop! Maxed Mains! Pro Rushers! Pro Stakers! 9 Hp Accounts![rsgp]Whats up everyone. I'm here today looking to get rid of some of my accounts that i don't use! fortunately for everyone here on sythe, ill be getting rid of these account for decent prices. These accounts just sit around and i don't use them at all, so it came to me that i should get rid of them and let other people enjoy them, and help fund my new maxed turm zerker. I AM ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP! Please do not offer me swaps, i do not need more accounts, also please do not offer me paypal, i dont need to deal with getting charged back. If you are interested in an account, please add my with any questions you might have. I will be online most of the day today looking to get rid of these accounts, please feel free to post your offers! ALL ACCOUNTS COME WITH NO RECOVERIES/EMAIL!!!!! [email protected] Account #1: Maxed Main with great skilling stats! Great of PvMing or pking. Account #2: Amazing pro staker with rapier. Also has 1 prayer and summoning, along with 99 hunter and fishing! Easy to make billions with an account like this. Account 3: Pro Gmaul rusher! Great stats that take a lot of time and effort to make. 97 mining, will take 2 days to get 99. Was made in soul wars so it has low hp, making the account stronger then pures his level! Also has most pure quest done, including mith gloves, horror from the deep, and death plateau. Account #4: Rare 9 hp account! The stats pretty much tell it all, this account is rare, and will only become more valuable as time goes on and less and less are left. Account #5: Starter low level mage boxer! This account could already own in the duel arena, make tons on this account by mage boxing. Account #6: and Bunny Ears account! Level 88 with and Bunny ears, has some decent skilling stats that could be made better with time, this account has the potential for pretty much anything! Account #7: This account is another almost maxed main, another great account for pking and making money PvMing. Bank is pretty much cleaned as the rest of the accounts. [email protected]
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