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    Selling nice Str PureSelling this nice strength pure! No A/W yet. Will do Recov test and will use OMM at your expense. Pm or Add me on : [email protected] 1 def pureI know i am new to sythe but i will go through all steps necssary to make me as the buyer and you as the seller be safe, i will offer to pay for the mms and stuff aswell. like i said looking for a 1def pure i have about 85-100m id like to spend rsgp so post awaySelling lvl 91 Range Pure 3m RSGPSelling lvl 91 range pure 3m Starting bid Rsgp stats are 97 Range 91 magic 88 strength 71 attack 44: prayer 88 hp. Willing to go first to certain people. 46 defenceLevel 62 Pure!!!Yo jus make me some offers im looking for rsgp may take swaps tho offer up. Stats- CMB- Bank (lol)- Loggin- SELLING LVL 84+ 7, 99 mining, 80 rcselling my zerk/skiller as i started useing my main again and have no use for it. its 91 range 90 mage 77 str 66 att, 52 prayer 42 def only looking for about 80 aus, but i will happily consider other offers. get back to me asap, for picture and more details.[RSGP] Lvl 62 sickddser! 95 fishing! [/RSGP]hey guys im here to sell yet another pure! i/pure1.png/ A/w is set at 25m ! It is just an auto-win so do not spam my thread please! Leave a message below and ill get back to you asap. Also my is [email protected] Fully Quested 1 Defence Pure (60 Atk, 99 Str, Addy Gloves, 7M Wealth)Selling this fully quested one defence (2 Def) pure! Perfect for ripping all in the wilderness! Has Adamant Gloves, Zammy Book (Incomplete), DT, MM, RFD! 7M Wealth! ~ Selling for RSGP/PayPal/Swap(Unlikely)~ ~Quests Complete~ (Taken from Adventurer's Log) ~ Will upload images off Log-In Screen Soon! Post offers below! I will not accept Add unless you have posted! - [email protected] stakerim looking to buy a range staker so if you have one pm me or leave a post
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.