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    Selling 75 Att Pure 1 Def ( 1 2)Selling this level 86+6 Ags pure, one word name. The bank is about 15mil, has plenty pk supplies in bank. Fully quested VETERAN CAPE Runecraft Robes Full Zammy Book Never Botted No Black Marks Good one word 5 letter name Looking for RSGP, decent amount (around 140m) You shall go first or we could use OMM, you pay fees Leave a post and contact me at [email protected] Range Staker [71 Dung] [80 Range] [95 HP] [80k Tokens]This account is SIMPLY AMAZING! A range HP Staker. You use Morrigans and it is GAME OVER. People think RANGE trumps HP but it doesn't! View any good Range HP staker and you can see the amounts of cash they win! Watch this video here: youtube/watch?v=iXDHEBZAK00 Amazing huh? Don't screw around! If you want to make MILLIONS than buy this account! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Think I was kidding? I sold the 3.6b I made. Now need to get rid of account. A/w is 100m. - [email protected] Personal INFO will be RELEASED so you know you will get a safe account![RSGP] Level 67 Tank [RSGP]Sorry it's actually a level 61. Hello Sythe. I am ready to sell this account I have no need for. I will not go first and looking to get some money for it. I'm not sure how much I want but I want to watch the bids. If you want to use OMM then we both must agree on one, and you must pay the fees. Happy Bidding. I'll change the email to yours once the trade goes as planned.Ags Pure [CHEAP] {PAYPAL{ 30 bucks AWYo guys, selling this ags pure, aw is 30 dollars paypal, if you would like to me meet me on runescape, to prove anything i will, and it says powerbot, only because i tried selling on there, like i said ill meet u on rs. Pics below, also leave your and we can discuss a deal. i51.tinypic/n3ndip.png i56.tinypic/24wycgj.png i51.tinypic/10rn86x.png i56.tinypic/2qukpad.png i52.tinypic/28svgau.png i55.tinypic/acz7cy.png[RSGP] Great F2p Pure 96 STR [RSGP]Here's my F2p pure, no longer want it as im starting a new pure for other purposes. Starting price is 35m, you will go first end of discussion, don't feel like it? Well neither do I. PM me on here if interested. You will receive all account information once I've obtained the payment for it, looking for smooth transaction.selling combat pure combat lvl 77-93 str,50 attk, 20 def, 90 range, 91 mage50 attk 93 str 20 def 90 range 45 prayer 91 mage 54 rune crafting 81 hp 40 agility 17 herblore 43 crafting 45 slayer 65 mining 26 smithing 21 fishing 41 cooking 50 firemaking 37 wc 9 farming 1 summoning total lvl: 1002 has no recovery questions or registered email so i need payment upfront just make me an offer and well discuss it will take rs gold or cash via paypalawesome 40 def pure, very cheap, 100+ vouchesSelling my old 40 def account. Account contains: - barrow gloves - lunar diplomacy completed - desert treasure completed no bankpicture because the bank is around 1mill. Price: looking for around 25-30$ only. ( no swaps, I quit rs) We can use OMM if you pay the fees, otherwise I'm not going first. I got 100+ vouches from doing fire capes > check out other threads. email: [email protected] range tank, 94 rangeUnfortunatley it hasn't done all the quests and has low mage, Looking for offers of around 20-25m Someone offered me 30m for it but hasn't got back to me yet so IDK if he was serious?
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